Feeling cheated with Uber

I made about $600 in 3 days of driving. That’s not bad considering I still have a main job. Why do you feel you are being cheated with Uber?

o dude, i got 2100 rides in with uber, the area down here is slow to adapt…ive made good money in 3-4 other markets, and i live here, i know uber here

Yea, I was wondering why you were complaining lol… that’s not bad for a side hustle.

I made about 4 bills in two days, not bad, I’m always thankful for the work when it flows. Got a nice 114 mile trip to end out my night…:nerd_face:

I’m probably going to go out today but I’m tired as hell. I still have to go to my main job right after most times

That’s awesome!!! I can say that as a badge of honor for myself I want an over 100 miles trip I’ve got over 4400 trips but longest close to 80 miles. Most money on a trip was over $200 though was a 40.1 mile trip on a 3x something surge guy had money didnt care to wait for his friend. I said “you know he got you a plane ticket to Aspin Hill right?” She laughed he had bank. He paid over $250 I got a bit over $200. These rare circumstances with surges I’ve been made to wait 48 hour’s to have my money available to me. That’s happened 3 times but always for a good reason. P.S. make that money!!!

See, I’m fortunate, I work main job all week and drive on the weekends… I’ll be spending time with my kids after I take a nap… Those are great payouts for less work!! I rarely hit a big surge here. Nice!

Cheated is a human constract when there is no money the conversation will end once there’s a resource based society. Plus less marriages Because they can’t take you for any money.

Because we started with $1.80 a mile and now we’re down to half of that in Chicago after 4 years. Being paid less for the same shitty job you’re eager to do for less.

I wouldn’t say really feel cheated per se. I feel that there are a lot of things Uber can, and has even recently, done much better. The fact that they choose substandard business practices very intentionally, and very frequently, is often frustrating.

in 5 hours in a market that’s $0.81 a mile, however it was hard capped at 3x for homecoming and it was 3x all night 8 p.m. to 3 a.m. I only stay till 1 the wife called me in :frowning:

The main problem I have with Uber is that they allow the market to be saturated with drivers! There’s nothing I hate more than sitting and waiting to get pinged! I’ve heard the saying that says if you can breathe, you can become an Uber driver! I’ve been driving for nearly 2 years. I was one of the first drivers when Uber entered our market. At first, there was no problem getting a ping. Now, we may get 1 ping an hour unless it’s really busy. With a normal job, they only hire as many people as they need for the work they have. With Uber, they’ll practically hire anyone and everyone!

The market is saturated, the market is saturated! Lyft and Uber both want a driver within 5 minutes of every rider. They don’t care what the drivers make, because they still make money off them!

I would say That from what others say. If they don’t have enough passengers it won’t matter and they need to pay people in CA what we get paid. Enough with the penny saver.

Thanks for the positive post. This page gets a lot of venting sometimes but I feel the same as you - that driving is a good deal overall. The people who post negative things deserve to be heard and some have good criticism on things that could be improved, but for me it is a great part time deal

Here in Detroit… We get . 32 base… 60 a mile… BFR their cut… Ouch!!! No quest… Just scarce surge…last night boost… They take a lot almost 30%

Can someone please explain to me what these ves are because uber sure the helland what the hell is a rider fee they made as much as me my gas my time my car and I have a 2016 equinox. please any explanation would be nice I don’t understand how they can make as much as me or more it’s ridiculous

$5 looks like airport fee then the rest to Uber. You get .xx per mile and .yy per minute period and they charge whatever they want. Just take a longer miles route to get more money. Pack pay upfront price Uber showed them. :yum:

so it looks like to me uber charges the passenger a 5 dollar fee to go to the airport only I’m driving my gas in my car they’re not doing a damn thing plus they’re booking fee and then there whatever the other fee is scheduling fear whatever the fuck it is

Some markets dont pay that well! I would almost say thats impossible to make that here in 3 Days unless you work 20hrs for each of those days. Then again too, I never work the night scene! My day hours bring in roughly 450 a week for approx 30 hrs! I never complain about my pay!! It’s easy, fun and very interesting some days!