Fatigued Uber Driver 'Possible' cause of Passenger's Death

An Uber driver from Sydney, Australia, was charged with the death of a passenger after dropping the passenger off at Sydney's CBD. The passenger tripped while leaving the car and fell onto the road and was hit by a bus passing the car at the time.

The driver, 30 years old was fatigued after driving for 21 hours without breaks on June 17th, was held responsible for dropping off the passenger at the intersection. The rider, also 30 years old, got out of the car at the traffic lights on Bathurst Street intersection. The actual charge that the driver will face on the 24th of January 2018 at Downing Center Local Court will be negligent driving occasioning death.

Uber stated to the media that it offers help to all law enforcement agencies when dealing with all cases involving Uber drivers and riders. They also stated that as a result of the incident they are setting up a nationwide policy allowing drivers to work for only 12 hours a day, and must take a minimum 6-hour break before starting a new shift. The policy came into force on October 27th in New South Wales and became Nationwide on Friday.