Fake Uber & Lyft Driver in LA is a Serial Rapist

Just like a classic Hollywood horror film, suspense, victims and a lot of hurt. 44-year-old Nicolas Morales, Fake Uber and Lyft driver, married father of three, whose wife is a nurse was arrested after a successful police investigation into a serial sex crime and rape suspect.

Morales, who lives in Santa Clarita, California, was arrested on suspicion of attacking and raping women during a one-year period from October 2016 to January 2018 in areas including Alhambra, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood and Los Angeles.

If the Jury find Morales guilty he will face beyond life, up to 300 years in prison. This based on 27 charges including 6 cases of rape, nine cases of sodomy, nine counts of forcible oral copulation, four counts of sexual penetration by foreign object, and one count each of assault with intent to commit a felony as well as attempted sodomy by use of force and attempted kidnapping to commit another crime.

Morales’ bail was set at $10.3 million. At first his family supported him, but as he was about to set bail, his family pulled out once they realized the severity of the case.


After police received a complaint from a woman in Hollywood that claimed she was raped by a fake rideshare driver in January 2017, the police used her sketch-based description to start a manhunt in May 2017.

The prosecution claims that between October 2016 and January 2018 Morales pretended to be a rideshare driver, so he could kidnap, sexually assault and rape all of his victims.

In one instance, on December 30, 2017, a woman complained to police that Morales picked her up in downtown LA and drove her to Alhambra part where he sexually assaulted her.

Morales' neighbors claim that the family seemed like a normative Christian American family.

Police investigators used forensic evidence to track down Morales, who was finally arrested on February 23.

Nicolas Morales, 44

Its bad enough we have Uber drivers that sexually harass, now we have fake Uber drivers too. Its as if Uber is a magnet for weirdo’s. I have to say that this story is like a Hollywood script. Dad of three, wife is a nurse and daddy disappears for hours, why does daddy have such a big smile on his face mummy? He does look smug…I guess he’ll be the new bitch in jail.

As a father of daughters, I want to “f’ing” f this guy up and make sure he suffers daily. MF, I don’t care if he has kids a wife and is the f’ing Pope. Kill him is the only solution, and make it public.
I have to say that I am concerned about his wife and kids, poor family, it’s not as if they were Eva Braun, they didn’t know the monster they were living with. Jeez!