Evercar Rentals: is it a good option for Uber drivers?

There is one major criterion that holds back people from becoming a driver for Uber, and that is getting access to a qualifying car. It is due to this reason that the vehicle solution industry is rising day by day and many car rental services are coming into the business to connect drivers to Uber with qualifying cars. It is becoming a common scene that Uber drivers are increasingly opting to use either rented or leased cars. Evercar is one such car rental service that many Uber drivers turn too. Apart from ride-hailing companies like Uber and Lyft, Evercar also lends its unique services for delivery services. But, among all other similar vehicle services, Evercar has a brilliance that differentiates its services from the rest of the companies in the industry. The uniqueness lies in the fact that in place of weekly or monthly car leases or rentals, drivers can easily opt for cars on hourly rentals.

This one is a 3-year-old car rental company that is based in Los Angeles, and it was just last month that the company spreads its operations in the Bay area. There is news that this start-up car rental service has already made about $29 million business. It is only natural that in today's world when cars are more on the road than parked in lots, that drivers are bent on choosing services that will incur them the lowest (overall) cost per mile.

Evercar helps its members to be associated with the transportation network companies like Uber without even owning a vehicle of their own. Cleaning, insurance, maintenance, the cost for unlimited miles, Evercar has it all covered for. No matter how enticing the deal of becoming an Uber driver without even the commitment of a weekly lease might seem, it is wise to measure the pros and cons of it and accordingly decide whether it's a good choice or not.

Rideshare drivers of Uber can opt for the hourly rentals

Unlike other vehicle solutions company, being an Evercar member enables you to rent a car for a couple of shifts alone on a weekly basis. The drivers can pick up the car straight from the Evercar lots. This deal is for sure much more exciting for any part-time rideshare drivers because once you are into monthly leases, sooner or later you will be dragged into full-time driving.

Evercar rentals are primarily available for hybrids and electric vehicles. Nissan Leaf for instance, which can be driven full-time only with once or twice a charge, is one of Evercar's affordable rentals. Along with the cars, they offer you city-wise charging station locations. Opting for their services can get you acquainted with driving electric cars. But, please do note that by no means can their cars be used for personal reasons. Their services are strictly restricted to commercial purposes only. This means that you've got to leave the car back in their lots aft6er your shift is over otherwise taking it home overnight can cost you a 24-hour rental charge. So, it's best that you stick to the schedule and avoid all unnecessary losses. After all, a full 24-hour rental can cost you a non-profitable price of around $55 per day. Too much, isn't it?

The 23 or above age and clean driving record criteria

The driver requirements of Evercar are more or less matching to Uber's except the age criteria for insurance reasons. Here are the specific requirements to be an Evercar member:

  • Apart from the basic clean driving and 23 old criteria, the driver must have two years of experience. If you are 25+ years old, U.S driving experience of 1 year will suffice.
  • A valid driver's license (California)
  • Agree to a background check to ensure all clean records
  • Similarly, a check on driving record that would include no accidents or distracted driving, no major traffic violations (reckless driving or suspended license) in the past 3 years.
  • No vehicle-related violations in the past 3 years
  • You aren't required to have a personal auto-insurance policy
  • Last 7 years must be clean of drug-related violations while driving

How does Evercar work?

Evercar services charge on a weekly basis and work on hourly fees. Hybrid is $7 per hour, and Nissan Leaf is $5/hour. Keep calm; they do not directly deduct their charges from your Uber earnings. You need to pay the bill separately for which Evercar sends a weekly invoice.

To sign up with Evercar and get the rental approved by Uber, you need to pay $25 for background screening and apply online. After approval, download Evercar app to select cars and reserve shifts. Insurance & registration documents are automatically uploaded to your Uber account by Evercar. Just select the rented car when you sign into Uber before starting the shift.

Schedule shift & pick up the car

First, reserve the time or days that you'd need a car & you set the schedule whereby at any hour of the day you can pick up the car. Secondly, respond to an Evercar text & fill in the text code on the shift day. Thus, your car will be unlocked remotely & keys will be inside the car. Thirdly, on reaching their lot and boarding the car to begin the shift, you don't need a physical presence in the lot. Evercar has a 24*7 phone service.

The toss of Evercar being a good or bad option!

Downsides are minimal. Driving for heavy hours like 40 hours/week will cost $200 per week. It is not good for everyday use & the car pick-up & drop-off can be inconvenient.


  • Since you're driving for only a few days/week, you don't require a personal qualifying car
  • Works well for the first few days of working with Uber for experimentation. Once you like the job, you can always go for your car in future.
  • Freedom from the depreciation and responsibilities of a personal car
  • Evercar services are inclusive of cleaning, gas, and insurance.

So, if you are looking forward to driving for Uber as a full-time rideshare driver, an Evercar rental will be too expensive an option. But, otherwise, for a part-time driving job, the Evercar deal cannot get any better.