Now You Can Drive for Uber and Still Rent Your Car Out on Turo

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You want to have multiple streams of income, reach financial freedom, and live the life of your dreams.

You want to maintain your own business, create a side business, and keep earning more. The question is how do you do that? How do you keep two jobs without sacrificing the first one?

For example, as an Uber driver, how do you keep your ridesharing business and still create another stream of income on the side?

This may seem impossible, but actually, it is a very simple thing to achieve, especially in today's era of the Internet, social media, and mobile apps. It's possible to drive for Uber and still rent your car out on Turo—and earn some more—during the weekends, as you relax with your family.

I'll dive into the details later… but first, let's look at Turo more closely.

What is Turo?

Turo is an online car service company, where anyone can sign up on the system and either list their car or rent a car at a stipulated time. If you want to rent a car, you can do so by simply signing up with your Facebook, Google, or email account. That's the major differences between Turo and other ridesharing companies, such as Uber and Lyft who use an app instead.

How does it work?

It works simply, like any other car rental or service companies. As mentioned earlier, car owners can do two things on Turo: They can either list their car for hire or rent a car to tour the city or travel.

For renters, they can do so in the following steps:

Step #1 : Sign up on Facebook, Google or email account

Step #2 : Search the vast array of listings to find the perfect car for hire (that matches your travel date and location)

Step #3 : Once you find what you're looking for—the car of your choice—you can go ahead and book it.

Step #4 : Get the car and ride on…

Evercar Rentals: Another option for Uber drivers

If you are trying to list your car, on the other hand, you can do so in the following steps:

Step #1 : Create a listing (it is free and won't consume your precious time). This is where you'll describe the type of car you own, its model, and even upload its photos so that people can see it before they book it.

Step #2 : When someone requests to hire your car, you'll receive a notification, and you'll be required to respond to the requests—where you'll either accept or decline their request.

Step #3 : Meet your guest, lease them your car, and earn your money.

Turo is a simple system that is stress-free to use. And it's free to use.

How to be an Uber driver and a Turo renter

The era of running a single task is over.

In today's technologically driven, digital world, we can do so many things at a time. That means, we can juggle multiple jobs, earn more, save more, and live the life of our dreams. Now you can do more on top of your Uber trips.

And you can do it all without sacrificing your other jobs. For example, driving for Uber is one clean job you can do it for a living. However, complimenting it with other relevant work, such as renting your car out on Turo is a plus.

When you run the two ventures altogether, it means that your earning will increase, which means your income will snowball, and your life will be better off than if you're having only one job. It all depends on your determination, commitment, and efforts.

So how do you become an Uber driver and a Turo renter at the same time?

It's all about managing your time.

There is nothing complicated about running both jobs. It's just about how you schedule your time.

If you're serious about multiplying your income, I'll suggest running your Uber business on working days. That's from Mondays to Fridays, because these are the days that we work on. You won't take many passengers on weekdays than you would on working days. So, you can operate on your UberX or XL on these days.

Whereas on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays), when you'll retire to relax and recharge; instead of just packing your car in your garage, you can take advantage of Turo and rent it out there to earn some cash…as you relax with your family on the beach.

Can I earn more renting out on Turo?

The amount of money you can make depends on a number of factors.

First, your car. If you have a new, luxurious car, then you can earn big money. Second, it depends on your location. If your car is operated in a big city, then it will have a potential for fetching you more money than if it's located in a smaller city.

However, overall, you earn about 75 percent of what renters pay for your car. Finally, you can set the minimum amount of money you can make on your vehicle, starting from $20 to around $130 per day.


As you build your own Uber business, you keep it going, and even build a side business, renting your car out on Turo during weekdays.

Of course, it's possible and simple to do, but you need to have some patient, grit, and commitment to make it happen. Commitment to be productive, patience to juggle two jobs around, and grit to maintain the two ventures without sacrificing your leisure time with your family.

It's simple to run your Turo business on top of your Uber venture because the two businesses are digital, requires less of your time, physical presence, and energy. We have an uneven advantage of the digital era, where if you have some time to spare and a brain to organize things around, you can earn more by doing less.

And double down your income…doing what you love.

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