Estonian Taxify launches ridesharing in Sydney

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Uber's hold in Australia is being challenged by Europe's Taxify. The Estonian rideshare company has a global presence and is found in over 20 countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Central America, and they are constantly trying to enter markets dominated by Uber.

Taxify entered Sydney with over 4,000 drivers and 50% discounts offered to riders for their introduction phase. Another advantage that Taxify provides is to its drivers, Taxify only takes a 15% fee. During the first month of operations, Taxify will also hold the surge pricing algorithm. Taxify expects both riders and drivers to switch over to them. Taxify expects that their ability to increase driver income and reduce rider fees will impact immediately and provide them with the initial backbone to bolster a complete Australian presence to rival Uber.

Make no mistake, Taxify is not just trying to increase income and grow on a global scale, they have targeted Uber and intended to fight Uber in every market they step in.

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