Eagles Fans, an Uber Driver, and Obvious Results


(Bick Bhangoo) #1

Philadelphia Eagles fans are fanatics. They follow their team and enter each stadium like Crusaders entering the Holy Land. They have thrown snowballs at Santa, cheered at a stretchered Michael Irvin, invited Minnesota Vikings fans to fly beer in unopened cans, and pelted their NFC Championship-winning coach with batteries. In other words, if you are not with them, stay away from them. However, last week one Uber driver decided to test the raging waters of Eagle Fandom by capturing them on video. (With their consent of course)


This amazing young driver decided to capture the Eagle fan mania on cam, showing and proving that Eagles fans are as crazy during the year as they are during super bowl week. Heck, Eagle fans are just fanatics every day all day, and they enjoy it.

For instance, one group of fans discussed their love of Nick Foles; "The look in Foles eyes is the X-factor." And they added "Chip Kelly. Idiot."

Another fan, the young lady stated about the 40-yard pass downfield on Sunday as "IT'S RIGGED, IT'S RIGGED AS F–."

I won't go into too many details, the video talks for itself.

If you want to see the whole video, look at it here:

(Andrew Martin) #2

GO GO GO GO EAGLES! Superbowl champions 2018. Now its time to video the same fans, get an before and after shot!

(Steve Mann) #3

I think that the driver had a great idea and it should be adopted by all drivers all over the US. Ask riders if they would allow us to video chat with them. Ask questions about riders knowledge of Uber driver rules such as ratings and tips. I would also add questions such as where they like to go out, what are their hot spots. Imagine all the information that can be shared once driver’s communicate with each other like that. In fact here’s an idea, an Uber feature in its app that allows drivers in the same city to chat with each other and ask questions about traffic and hot spots as well as update about sports/cultural events and such.