Dude Sets World Record for the Longest Uber Ride (2,256 Miles)

It sounds like insanity, but one courageous Uber driver agreed to drive YouTube celebrity MrBeast. He’s known to do other outrageous things, to hand out $10,000 tip to pizza delivery guys. Once, they agreed to do the trip, MrBeast whole crew jumped in the caravan for a ride from North Carolina to California, a 2,256 miles distance! The driver was cool and calm throughout the trip. The driver’s name is Anthony as shown on MrBeast Uber request screen, late in the ride Anthony tells that he’s a commercial truck driver, that’s why it wasn’t a big deal for him.

I was little dumbfounded to learn what was the total cost of the Uber ride for 2,256 miles, only $5500 gross. Take out Uber’s 25% commission, the driver made about $4,100. I don’t think MrBeast left him a disappointing tip. From the video, it sounds like he tipped the driver another $5500 to make the drive home worth it.

One more thing, MrBeast did not pay for the ride. The video was sponsored by Quid.

What are your thoughts? Would you do it?

Wow-wee that’s a long way!

I thought there was a per-ride max of $300.?

Wondering if that would happen to me…will I accept it?