Drove a very very intoxicated couple home from the bar last night

A question for you all, how would you have handled this situation. I drove a very very intoxicated couple home from the bar last night. I pull into their driveway and the male half walks into the house and the female half stays in the backseat digging in her purse. She opens up her wallet and hands me all the cash in it and says “is this enough”. It was $34 cash. I asked her if that was her tip and she said yeah and handed it to me. Then the male half comes out of the house and hands me a crisp $100 bill saying “thanks for the ride”. I thanked them for their tip and left. When I got home I felt a little guilty because they were so intoxicated I doubt they would have done that sober… Either way its another $134 in my vacation envelope.

NEVER feel bad for providing a much needed service. Its their way of saying “Thank you for getting us home and not allowing us to get a DWI or worse kill someone.”

You did well. Keep up the great work. We are all Professional Designated Drivers.

$134 TIP or $10,000+ in DUI fees for them…think abt that and be thankful

That is called: Taking Advantage of Intoxicated people.

I have had this happen to me and i just wait around for a few and make sure all parties are square. If everything seems cool, you’re good to go. That’s a fat bounty homie!

The fact it bothers you speaks volume on your character!!!

If you have a Dashcam I would just get them on video saying it’s your tip. Then if they report you for taking a cash fare you have evidence to refute that.

As a person who has been drunk and over tipped looking for said money the next day told self that’s what I get for getting drunk

I would say thank you are you sure? That’s alot for. A tip I so appreciate it I have had ppl tip 200 before. But I drove them along way

ive never been so hammered i was handing out hundreds… i think your good.

Overall, considering the percentage of rides that never tip, you’re not doing too bad. Keeping potential drunk drivers off the road trumps all other considerations.

Take it and enjoy it. It’s not your fault or problem if they were stupid drunk

I worked as a bellman for 13 years. I had a saying “I can’t question bad tips, so I don’t question the good ones.” Though you are probably right, you don’t really know their intent. You got them home safe. Enjoy your vacation.

Obviously this dude is not really an Uber driver or he would have no problem taking money from drunk people.

Drunk people take ride-share knowing full well they’re going to tip the driver. If you tip more than you wanted to, that’s your problem, not the person providing you a service.

I doubt the bartenders would have been accused of questionable morals for accepting big tips from drunk people.

Enjoy your vacation. I’m sure you earned that tip. No, you didn’t know their intent, but you also didn’t solicit them either for the tip. They gave it away freely. I returned a phone recently, not thru the app because pax contacted me directly. She asked me what Uber pays me to return it. I told her $15. She gave me a $20.

They knew exactly what they were doing. Drunk people sometimes get generous. Enjoy it.

What would a DUI cost them? Or even a public intoxication? Exactly, enjoy the tip.

Last I drove at night almost every pax coming out of the bar dropped me a $20. Then, to top it off I picked up this dude who was on some serious hard stuff and he was talking to himself in the back seat and then passed out. The EMTs has to pull him out.

People in this thread are making a bigger deal out of the tip than the passengers did. It was Pocket Change - Not their mortgage money!