Drivers should rate the passengers too

I think it’s time that I start rating passengers on their wait time to get to the vehicle, unwillingness to tip, how long they cause me to wait at drive-thrus, how much trash they leave in my car as well as their personalities. Im tired of getting below average ratings for NO reason as every passenger gets the exact level of very friendly, respectful, safe rides.

No you don’t get water or candy sorry. Until rates can justify additional expenses ain’t happening. And my rating should not reflect it.

When you signed up to drive, you were informed that tipping is not required. You are providing a cashless service, and by making pax tip in cash you stop that streamlined experience. If you are so damned worried about a tip, Uber isn’t the place for you. Feel free to sign up with Lyft with this link

We weren’t told there would be in the rate cuts. We were warned that our cars would be downgraded from black to select. Your position is misinformed and not based on facts or any type of morality.

If I rated people by personality, everyone I picked up in Scottsdale would get 1 star

It’s not about the f ing tip it’s about the rates if you care to read what he said Mike Walker. We all know that those who tip do so whether it’s it’s f ing cashless or not. Now go tell uber

No tip is max 3 stars. No tip w/luggage, 1 star, complain about the ride in any way, 1 star, slam door 3 stars max. Minus 1 star every minute I wait beyond 2 minutes. Request me from a distance twice as far as you’re going, 1 star

I’m an independent contractor. I can rate my passengers whatever I want

Yes, I get that. But does Uber ding you for rating them downwards? I rate the same way that you do, probably harsher in some instances. Curious.

I’m going to rate on the tip thing too, maybe a couple dings and they’ll get the hint. When no one is willing to pick them up they’ll wonder why. I don’t care to be matched up w/ non-tippers anymore b/c of the rates. Sorry no offense but it’s call survival out there.

I get more tips from people that look like they don’t have 2 nickels to rub together than I do from those arrogant Scottsdale shitheads. And every ASU student gets 1 star unless they tip(which they never do)

I was a bartender for 10 years and a limo driver for 2. I have a particular issue with non-tippers

Phew. Its getting downright hardcore business out there. Looks like it’s no more Mr. Nice Driver huh? Mr. Driver who pays for Insurance, Gas, Oil, Repairs, and gets no tip, no appreciation and lives under constant fear of the unknown pax who dings you for unknown reasons, and put you in jeopardy of losing your living.

I gave my first 3 star. 3 am had me outside waiting to long . I have always gave 5 stars to all. One 4 star and one 3 star in 3000 rides . I feel the same way I go the extra mile . I do have waters , sodas , candy and open doors and load and unload luggage and ask if they like to use aux cord for playing their own music. Still rating is only 4.81 . My Lyft rating is 4.95 .

This morning I deserved a 4
Star . Dropped guy at airport and was thinking about getting to work on time and didn’t get out and get the guys luggage . Oops I forgot lol .

I don’t know why anyone would give a pax 5 stars if they didn’t tip. A lack of tip is a lack of appreciation and a lack of respect

I’m kind of black and white when it comes to rating pax, either 5⭐️ or 1⭐️.

Call me old fashioned but I’ve started rating less than 5 if they drop the f bomb a few times. Fine if you do it with your friends on your time but my car is not the place or time.

I already do that shit! If I pull up and they’re not at the curb, 4 stars, and they have to be stellar pax to get that star back. If they take longer than 4 minutes to get to the car? 1 star, and if they’re really nice, they might go back up to a 4.

No uber pax gets 5 anymore without a tip. To freakin bad. These people should recognize. They do uber because they robably dont even want a tip option. I notice a difference between lyft/uber pax.

I took a bartender home who was sitting in the backseat bragging about all the tips he got that night and didn’t give me one red cent. He got 1 star…lol