Drivers should also think about our health

To all the drivers on here especially to all full-time drivers. We talk about everything but our health. We push so hard to reach our goals and we forget about our health. I say this because I went for a physical and they found a blood clot in my leg and I had to rush to the Hospital and luckily they caught it on time.
It is important that we get out of a car and and walk around even if it is for 15 minutes to allow the blood to flow. If any driver is having problems with their legs pains in their legs it is important to get an ultrasound. Get a physical. I’m sharing this with all my fellow driver because at the end of the day we all look out for one another.

Thank you for sharing this. It is absolutely under-mentioned. Hope you’re ok.

I try to hit the gym a couple times a week too…just bought a treadmill as well for the house so I can keep moving

Yes! I do this full time! I got a massage yesterday it did wonders… Thank you for bringing this up

My best friends daughter is a masseuse I get one twice a week…gratis…and walk 3 days a week as well…thanks for mentioning our health…

I get pains in my legs sometimes but I do walk n I get ALOT of exercise from Amazon Flex running up n down stairs n to houses…N I don’t sit in my car for long periods of time anymore… especially getting old I need to walk around…hope all is well… n I get massages few times a week…my honey does wonders…

It’s where u deliver Amazon packages with your own vehicle…

Hope you’ll be OK. I do make a point to exercise every day, run about 2-3 miles and stretch on my bathroom breaks when driving. Exercise also makes me a lot better driver.:laughing:

In 2009 I weighed330, with exercise and a total revamp of my diet I got down to 210.
In the last 2 years eating poorly and not moving I have gotten back to a portly 255.
I can not express enough how don’t do what I have done. Get leaner stay leaner.
It’s much harder to motivate at 46 then it was just 6 years earlier

You can also do UberEats! Requires getting out of the car, walk to the restaurant, pick up order, deliver it to the clients’ door. That’s one way to get back in shape. :slight_smile:

I used to be a Greyhound bus driver. This was very important. I only Lyft twice a week and I still get out and walk.

This is extremely important. I have peripheral artery disease and need to get out every time I stop the car. I’m seeing my surgeon today and my vascular surgeon next month and will get more hints from them. It’s also important to have a list of your medications in a prominent place for first responders just on case. I have one in my glove box and one in my purse marked “first responders” in red. The list includes my diagnoses, the doctor and his/her card. Better safe than sorry

Yes sometimes we forget about stretching our legs and just taking a breather.

In addition to this post guys, please don’t continue driving if you are falling asleep. I happened to experience this last week and before I caused myself get into an accident, i went offline and I drove back home to rest until I was fully rested. It is true we all need to make money but never overextend yourselves for a few additional drive requests. Please be safe and let’s keep ourselves and our riders safe and satisfied.

One of the most positive things that happened to my driving when I switched to an app based service from the limo world where I came.
I drove many 25 plus hour" shifts" for limo companies I worked for in the 10 years I drove, in the limo world( in CT between NY and Ma)
I have shut down and let it go a lot in the 2 years since I started w Uber and now Lyft

I don’t know if you all have a planet fitness around you but if you do take advantage of it. The basic membership is $10.00 a month. $20 a month gets you access to all gyms and all their commodities such as hydrobed, chair massage, tanning etc. Most gyms are 24/7 so if you are not close to home and been on the road for a while then get a quickie workout or just shower

Glad you’re ok homie this is definitely good advice. Go for a walk prior to random walks during and a walk after too would be good. I know the money’s good but who’s gonna spend it when your hung up in a hospital??

Health and fitness has been part of my 2016 plan. So far, I’ve been extremely successful.

My Dr. Told me to start wearing compression socks up to the knee. But your right we need to make sure we are getting our exercise daily.

I’m glad you are okay. It’s hard sometimes for me to do that especially in bad neighborhoods. Barely have time to go to the bathroom. Terrible cramping in the top of my right leg when driving long hours. I agree with the posts here. I would be nice to find balance in what we do by getting some physical exercise and stretching. As for being tired we have all been there in sure. I keep a blanket in my trunk in the event I’m too tired to drive home. Sometimes when tired its best to stop where you are or the nearest safest place.