Drivers please after you pick up someone in the middle of the street don't linger in the street holding up traffic

I just did something I’ve never done before I got out and knocked on another Lyft drivers car because he picked up his passenger and was still sitting there for at least 30 seconds after the past regarding the car that’s the one thing I cannot stand when you pick up someone and you sit there. of course you didn’t say anything to me he just looked at me and I asked if you need some help he said no I got back to my car and then he drove off.

When I pick someone up I have to take time to ensure that I have the right person. 30 seconds is not that long. It’s better to make sure you and your pax are on the same page then to drive off and suddenly stop.

It’s best to keep the doors locked and verify you have the right pax before they get in. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Getting on the same page after they get in is a good idea. :smiley:

I am one of those who wait, I make sure they are buckled and comfortable before taking off. 30 seconds is not that long.

I’m sorry 30 seconds is way too long I don’t care what you have to do you can get a person’s social security number date of birth their address and find out their favorite color in 30 seconds I’m not saying driving safely I’m saying move out of the middle of the road so other cars can at least get by you while you’re trying to think

If im pulled off to the side I make sure I have my gps etc straight and we are all buckled up. If im in the street I do all of that while driving.

Literally got pulled over yesterday for messing with my phone while driving, 30 seconds isn’t that long, if he has to wait for his app to update to where he’s going and makes sure the pax has his seat belt on then yeah… and I dare you to knock on my window like you’re crazy. You’d get pepper sprayed

crazy people get out of their cars and knock on people’s windows, you’re ASKING to get sprayed… wtf is wrong with this guy.

Heaven forbid I’m waiting for the app to start or the passengers puts on their seatbelt or he has a question or there is an issue?!?! Calm down for 30 seconds and chillll please.

Who made him traffic cop what are we 4 years old. All you drivers have the exact same problems and just because he doesn’t bother you does it mean it doesn’t bother the person that’s behind you or the person is behind them… I’m sorry if my time is important to me and you say only 30 seconds but 30 seconds can change your whole day your timing your positioning that’s pretty much all I have to say about that and most of you guys not all of you but most of you are just hypocrites the same things that I’m complaining about are the same things you complain about so I’m done no more talking from me you can chat among yourselves

A lot of these people don’t drive in San Francisco so they don’t understand how little space we have on the streets and how important every second counts in the city. Don’t sweat it

I don’t really sweat it but thanks for your kind words I don’t try to make people upset but some people are just so sensitive sometimes how’s your day going

It’s okay just starting out in San Francisco about to cross the bridge. When I come into people’s post I try not to go negative unless they go negative First… have you been driving that Salesforce thing in San Francisco this week how has it been

30 seconds. If you get to your location 30 seconds faster cuz you hurried you might get that next awesome ride!! On the other hand if you take your time and you give your pax 30 seconds or more maybe thats when the awesome ride will ping you. Basically no control, time is time guys. Just be safe whatever it takes. Get out of the street asap. I Never pick up in the street but thats my area. Be safe and Dont block others.

Sometimes I have issues with the ap and picking up the passenger. I will wait if I need to but I do try pull over until I can get the app to work.

Sometimes it happens…the passenger wants to change a destination, you need the gps to reset so you know whether to yurn left or right, or your phone even has a hissy fit and shuts itself down…

Here’s an idea don’t pick up people in the f****** middle of the street to begin with. It’s illegal, dangerous, and makes us all look bad

So you got upset because he sat there but you got out of your car and then he left and your car was still sitting there. Cool story

When you’re impeding the flow of traffic and there is a car ready willing and able to continue on its way stuck behind you because you couldn’t find a driveway or shoulder to pull in to yes 30 seconds is a long time.

What makes you think you have the right to stop in the roadway that should have free flowing traffic because you want to pick up a pax? The people stick behind you want to keep moving and they have the right to

Why are people picking up riders in the street anyway? I always pull into a parking lot. If that means they have to walk a block oh well. I’m not getting hit or a ticket.