Drivers need to be educated about rules!

Stop picking up minors!!! Not only you are breaking up the policy of Uber and lyft but you are also breaking the LAW! I swear to god to those drivers who pick up minors, I’m gonna be videoing you and report you to lyft or Uber to get deactivated! This isn’t a game. You can also get sued for driving under the age of 18 if you get into accidents! This minor and his friend were trying to get Uber and lyft but I told them you can’t bc you are underage. !

Yeah…there are drivers who ignore the rules.

I have the same gripe about lack of car seats for pax with little ones that need that car seat or booster.

you can cancel and send a message to get the fee if you dont feel like waiting it out. I usually wait it out and they cancel.

Always follow up with a message so they dont take the fee back.

There is no law about this.

It is Uber policy because in most States someone under the 18 cannot engage in a binding contract and therefore they legally could complain and be refunded because they were not in the legal capacity to enter into a contract.

Has nothing to do with laws or safety or minors being able to ride.

I’m trying to look up for the law. Uber told me it was. Okay maybe I’m wrong about the nj law requirement but you can get sued if you get into accident with minors

You can get sued if you get into an accident with anyone in the car. For safety reasons alone I would not transport an unaccompanied minor. I would not want to be responsible for someones kid if something happened.

LOL! There is so much bad information posted in this group. When someone shows you multiple times that your info is wrong and you leave it up for others to still see, not only is that ignorant, but its completely irresponsible. I find it funny that my response you find offensive but you don’t find his post the same!!! LOL! If the shoe fits…

The problem is we aren’t required to check ID, so unless they look like they’re 12, how do you know if they’re underage?

You are gonna videotape drivers?:rofl:
Bruh!!!??? Cut it dah hell out.

So … What do you do when you pull up and it’s a minor ? I wanna get paid … do you wait the minimum time and cancel ?

Yes. I would put customer didn’t show - bc chances of u gettin paid if u hit unaccompanied minor u won’t get paid

However, driving a minor is NOT illegal. It is frowned upon. Use your best judgement. Like I wouldn’t transport an 10 yr old but 16 yes :woman_shrugging:t2:

how about you get into an accident and Uber says its insurance won’t cover injuries b/c you violated the policy and your agreement w/Uber. Doesn’t matter if it’s illegal, could bite you in the backside monetarily.

He gonna get usssl! You BETTA watch out and leave that child where u found him or ELSE!!! IN MY SARCASM VOICE

The only law concerning transporting minors, in New Jersey, is that you cannot transport a minor 15 years or younger without permission from parent or guardian. To do so constitutes an indictable offense.
Otherwise, it is not a crime in NJ.
If you read the Uber policy, you will notice that the language they use for Driver policy is “soft” such as if the Driver “feels” that the Pax is a minor he may request ID. Conversely , Uber policy puts strict owness on the rider to make sure a minor is not using their account.

so what about a kid who has an Uber account of his own, b/c UBER doesn’t check ID? I’d say the driver wins the argument b/c unless the person looks under 18, which is subjective, a driver has no reason to card.

I did not know you could have an Uber/Lyft account without a credit card?? If the kid has a card, do they also have a job or do the PARENTS pay the card too? Kids these days. :innocent:

I agree and it’s really annoying because it makes us look bad the one that actually obey the law and the rules same thing with the car seat issue

There’s a problem, on the Uber app, there is a family option to add riders to the account. Anyone can add their kids. My son’s best friend is a minor, and has an Uber account under his mom’s name.

You swear to God? Damn…lemme go put this baby backbone the curb where I picked him up… sheesh