Drivers make our own rideshare company

I gotta good idea why don’t all us disgruntled drivers make our own rideshare company for drivers by drivers a company that is on our side that works together to improve and all has a share in the company stock and stick it to these companies that abuse us

What I learned in life everything starts with a idea and the drive to follow through with it

We would be able to give a higher quality of service if everyone got paid better and made a share of what everyone else was out making

There have been at least a dozen rideshare companies that tried to do just that but failed.

Took the pay outs from uber or got threatened to be sued due to things that look like company’s already using stuff

The best way to go is to just get the licensing and the insurance and just go into business for yourself. Build up a client list and eventually it’ll payoff.

the disgruntled are the drivers who don’t want to work and want the rideshare companies to hand over money without earning it.

Maybe it’s just a dream to work for a good company that cares about us and actually takes care of us because it’s ours not just mine or the people on tops we are the owners of it we are responsible for it’s success

Not enough QUALITY drivers to make a difference and…autonomous is coming anyway.

We won’t have a choice when they ban private cars or…make the fees so incredibly high for owning one, that people will let it go.

Since when does customer service matter? The average consumer is only concerned with price. It’s how Wal-Mart gained dominance.

Hey I haven’t met a bad person this group we are a wild bunch but we love what we do we get abused by these companies and they are taking us for a ride no pun intended and it’s about time they get some competition from a company that cares about its drivers because it’s owners are the drivers

you think get less then a dollar mile is fair you are crazy I drove 4 people last night and didn’t even make $20 that is kinda whack if you ask me. that doesn’t even include the time I spend cleaning or the money I spend to keep my car running a brake job on car is $600 to $700 if you don’t know how to do it yourself and that is just pads and rotors tires you are looking at $400 to $500 bucks depending where you go

You can’t do that because you can’t get fuckers in here to agree on a post. Do you think you’ll get all these asshole to agree on something when their money is in play?

There was a guy trying to organize drivers in New Orleans. They did it in the UK but labor unions are respected there. This is the US. Any serious mention of it and you get labeled a liberal retard and immediately dismissed as “extreme”.

I’m generally pleased as punch. Easy 50k side hustle. I’m gonna hate to see it go autonomous but not really. The weirdo herd needs to be thinned.

In Austin when Uber and Lyft volunteered to leave the city over regulations they didn’t like several other companies popped up quickly. The one survivor was RideAustin and it’s actually a cool company to drive for because it’s Non profit and raises funds for local charities while paying the drivers considerably more.

Yeah something like that but sets up our drivers for the future and have retirement heath insurance a bit set to side for a new car and maintenance for our cars

The first thing you have to do is get your mind set right. You are not employees, you are independent contractors which means you are businessmen

It’s just a dream now but everything starts with a idea maybe it might be someone’s else’s idea just improved for especially for us drivers