Drivers, how do you normally handle pings with long pick up times?

Early this morning I was a pax, and on my route my Uber driver had four consecutive pings, each one with at least a 10-15 minute pick up distance. To my amazement he declined them all. I asked him why he did so, and his reply was that he simply didn’t want to drive that far so early in the morning. Right before I exited his vehicle, I suggested to him that he not decline so many ride requests. You never know the reason behind the request(s), so go ahead and make your money while providing a valuable service to your pax.

Depends upon my mood lol. If I feel good, I’ll accept a long ride. If I’m really hungry & want to stop soon, I decline them.

I dont take 15min distance. But it’s pretty busy where I drive. If I was desperate I would do it.

While in a ride and it says 15 min, you should see how many min it is before your current drop. I always take any pick-up in the middle of a drive but in most cases the pax will cancel the ride once they realize the wait time. I had 2 cancels from this exact example this morning!

There are other drivers.

Nobody wants to drive for 15mins just to take someone 1.4 miles

I once drove 18 min for a trip under 1.0 miles. Literally they should have walked!!! Called uber to complain and got $5 but still just complete crap because I had to drive back

It depends on the pax rating too. If it’s under 4.8, it got that low for a reason.

Well, I say, if its below 4.8 there could be two reasons: they are not great passengers, or they are just gay and some drivers rated them poorly for no reason earlier.

If I have a pax then I take it. It maybe 10 minutes from our current location but only 1 - 2 minutes from current pax drop off point.

Lol, I don’t drive 15 to get any rider. That’s funny. 7-8 minutes at the most. Plenty of rides come my way

I’ll take it for uber cause of the long pickup fee but I’ll decline for lyft

In California you get pennies, Edward you must not be a driver since you don’t get paid if no rider in vehicle, if you drive pool you would know that drivers only get $1 for each addition rider not for each rider time and distance in vehicle that stopped last year in July 2017 , now uber pays for only time and distance for the whole pool ride you actually lose money at 15 cents a minute, you make $1.50 for 10 minutes or $2.20 ifX plus mileage depending on rural or urban, plus I guess you had a lot of time to be in car since you would have been delayed at least 20-30 minutes before your dropoff if you were next and even more if you were after those other pickups

There’s a veteran driver in my market who is justifiably proud of his 2% (yes, TWO) acceptance rate. He consistently makes pretty good money with his methods … if, indeed, making pretty good money is even possible in rideshare these days!

For the most part i take most unless it’s a certain block on a certain street or certain drug/whore motels.

Wow i really feel like no one on here really wants to make money blows my mind

Has to be under 10 mins unless I’m on the way somewhere, because usually the other pick up is close to the drop off. Sometimes the exact same spot

Uber doesn’t penalize us for declining trips any longer. So i was told by uber support.

Late at night, I will sometimes take a 20 min away call if the call is from a place where I know there are no other cars.
Sometimes I will turn it down, but the call comes through again and I take it.

My area doesn’t have pool, thank God! I take all ride requests sent my way. I’ve never had a pickup more than 8 minutes away though…lol.

  1. Don’t provide unsolicited and false advice to your Uber drivers.
  2. Uber only pays long p/u fees about half of the time.
  3. Also too often, the actual pick up time is significantly longer.