Drivers earn more

Have you Trip Delivered yet? While your delivering orders you can use it as an opportunity to pitch to independent restaurants.You will receive 50% of the recurring monthly restaurant fee, as a driver, or 30% as a rider (customer). If it’s not live yet in your market area you have first mover advantage to collect even more off riders, restaurants and drivers fees.
All drivers keep 100% of the delivery fee and 100% of the tip. All orders have a $5.75 delivery fee for first mile and $1 each additional mile

Enjoy NO markups, NO hidden fees, and fair earnings for your driver!
You can earn by just signing up as a rider (customer) for free, if you don’t desire to be a driver and make 30% of restaurants, .40 off each continued order from that restaurant and .10 off each customer that orders. As a Pro driver you earn 50% but that cost 99 bucks.
I’m not doing that yet till I get enough to cover it 4 times the pro driver cost then I will just pay from the extra 20% gained. If you do sign up now for a driver there only charging $1 for a limited time until your Market goes live

From the same company that brought you (or rather didn’t ) TrypRides! Is this actually working anywhere?