Drivers are always on here begging for advice on how to better maximize their time driving and how to make more money

But, when someone tells them to turn off their apps to help create a surge, then no one wants to listen. Some of yall are so happy to make $100 a day and working all day to get it. I guess if you have only worked minimum wage jobs, then making $500-$700 per week seems good. The only thing about that is you could easily be making twice that working half as much time…but yall don’t hear me though.

BRUH I’m a pretty smart guy. You think a few drivers can outsmart an advanced computer system network lmao

we could do it at the airport since there are hundreds of drivers crammed into a small space who have time to talk. Don’t have to be smart to know apps off doesn’t work.

there is a reason why is telling you it doesn’t work…He’s not being an ass or anything like that… I will also tell u it doesn’t work… there is a formula that creates the surge and usually is a lack of cars, BUT remember when u agreed to uber terms to go online, well uber also knows where you are when your NOT online. They track all your movements. And if there is 250 cars at the airport with their app off, the formula knows that their are 250 cars there and it will never surge. Again, not being mean or disrespecting your intelligence but don’t waste time doing it.

So y’all be having inside connects at the green light hub or what… I’m pretty sure everyone at one point and time felt like turning off the apps helped create surge. Did uber make some changes recently or something???

The chances of this working is rather medium. Uber isn’t stupid I had the Opts manager in my car and he even ask me about some stuff that driver do to improve their pay check. Apparently those who use this technique are scamming the pax and the system and they had to let go of some accounts. Or they let them do it and than adjust the pricing later on to fit the pax needs.

The issue is that the company itself needs to improve wages and release the POOL system or improve it with a certain bonus we can received. Yes the law of supply demand dectitates that pricing will rise if the supply is low. However, companies prepare for this and make sure their no one messing up the system.

But that doesnt mean this cant work tho

Im glad you asked; a pax is depending us the rider picking them up at a certain price to take to a certain location. If its surging or be more precise the pax has to pay a ton more to be picked up at locations where there isnt high level traffic then it raises eyebrows. ‘Why is it surging or it normally cost this much to go to location on most days of the week. So why is today the prices are so high when their is no one here.’

That techinque should be used but with some really high trafficking. Now about Uber they have screwed us multiple times and we should get a fare increased but, it wont happened because the pax themselves have adapt to low price to go to where they want to go. That is uber fault in that situation if they raise prices they may lose out to competitors who are also undercutting. Its really a fucked up plan.

Shoot their an episode of king of the hill where two propane company did an illegal act by lowering and raising their prices at certain times to get a tax break.

It does work. It’s proven to work at the airport IF PEOPLE WORK TOGETHER. But if you choose not to do it, that’s your choice. 5 cars in any particular neighborhood are NOT accounted for UNLESS those same 5 cars have their apps on. The system creates URGE only when the demand is greater than the supply of cars ONLINE. It’s not rocket science. SMH

In theory it sounds good in theory and yes its a bit of complication to this plan majorly is that how many is going to follow this plan at the airport it works well but their was probably many who wont go with plan because this is there only job. Or like someone said yall do that and ill get all the rides. If anything I say pick your battles when you want to do this so you can maximize the amount you make.

Im not against it at all but their is holes in this plan.

Uber and Lyft have access to your location wether your in driver mode or not. They have full access “While using the App”. You can verify this info. under your Location settings.

They’re no longer accepting drivers in Atlanta, but you should still sign up. They’ll contact you when they need more drivers.

I need more concrete information than your opinion to do that. I’m math minded so I need you to give me details. I am more inclined to believe the brother that says the computer system is what controls it.

I don’t know the exact Uber/Lyft algorithms. I just know the airport is the perfect place to make this happen

So you want many in here to stop working in the hopes of making more later. Who choices their bills while they’re not working

Drom someone who has been working both lyft and uber for over three years… i will have to say turning off your app in a concentrated “when” there is a high demand will definitely create and/or increase the surge charge or primtime. Its simple! Surges are created by a high number of passengers needing a driver and a low amount of drivers who are logged on to receive those request.

If surges were dictated by the number of drivers who simply have the driver app downloaded and not logged in then there would never be any surge charges.

I feel like y’all should do this trial run anywhere but the airport. If y’all aren’t online there y’all won’t be added to the queue and having all 150 jump back on at once looks mad sus

I didnt say minimum wage pay 5-700. I was saying if someone has only ever made minimum wage then of course they are satisfied with making only $500-$700 a week with rideshare

Man 7.25 is minimum wage now yall should of been here when it was 5.55 per hour yall wouldnt last. This litterally like 15 to 30 per hour unsurged.

Latasha Smith-Turner I agree with ya cali minimum is like our entry level because its more expensive in cali

So you want many in here to stop working in the hopes of making more later. Who choices their bills while they’re not working