Driverless cars are coming

Guys I have horrible news for everybody. Driverless cars are coming. I spoke to 2 high-level managers at Uber and they it’s 3 to 5 years away. They already using driverless car technology in Japan and no doubt it will be here as well. All rideshare companies plan to terminate the drivers APP and go driverless. Make what you can now but do not get caught off guard with what is going to happen in the future. I’m extremely disappointed but at least we have a 3 to 5 year window where we can figure something out. Under no circumstances are you to maintain loyalty to one rideshare company. Make sure you’re running multiple rideshare apps to maximize your earnings.

Thats not gonna come in Chicago at least next 10 years cuz of road and other drivers

where the hell have you been. Under a rock? Cuz this happened a long time ago and they already suspended the program. They might be relaunching it

Dude you have to get the entire population to want to get in a driverless car and that’s not gonna happen. Now come down off the ledge

Every day there are thousands buying cars to do rideshare. Total denial. I just want to tell you guys what I heard today here in New York City.

lol as New Yorker stop spreading bs. Focus on make ur money and let ppl pay the bills. That bs of paranoia that uber loves to practice is not part of the driver culture. We are not employees to pass management messages we are independent contractors. We don’t give a dam about their inside projects or agendas when the appropriate time comes trust me we will all know what will be our next steps

Surely a lot of people will use them because they will be cheap and novel however there will always be real drivers as some will not risk their lives in the hands of a robot.

Cheap? A 100k driverless car that require uber to have full liability , maintenance , insurance and all operational expensive is not cheaper then my 12k Toyota Camry that I drive for uber 65 cents a mile

If it happens I’m going to place long ass tire piecing nails in front of my driveway and call for an driverless Uber. When that shit breaks down , ill cancel and then call Lyft. :joy::joy::joy: To bad federal law requires a driver behind the wheel in case of emergencies. And that won’t change for another 10 years until the tech is fool proof.

Uber has only been doing it for a short time…you should ask them why hasn’t Googles fleet been green lighted for a full scale rollout?

There’s a reason why…they still don’t have it reliable enough.

10-15 years is more realistic. There’s a ton of red tape and regulatory approvals etc. that need to be ironed out. Once they get the software done.

I worked on autonomous vehicles for the military…there’s a lot more that needs to be done. Uber’s no where close. If they were, they wouldn’t have had the issues they’ve had. Heck, look at Teslas issues.

When Google switched the fleet over to the Waymo name/branding they also stopped the monthly accident reports…they still have bugs, even after all this time.

Yes is coming but not in 5-10 lol uber wishes. The self driving car idea came out in 1930 and since then google, waymo and other companies have been working on it. Our infrastructure is not even capable to sustain that type of changes. we still
Having troubles with pickups and drop offs because the system sometimes fails can we imagine a robot? We need to prepare but not to run or get paranoid

right now the programming can’t handle what we do…the car has to be able to asses large amounts of pedestrian traffic, double park (which is a legal no-no and something they have to program as such to ever get approval), asses whether the area is safe for pick up etc. anytime these cars have to make decisions based on the short list I’ve provided, the cars slow down drastically…Google/Waymo has a bunch of citations for going to slow as a result of these.

Not mainstream, not in my lifetime…TONS of hurdles and redtape to negotiate…even if the technology is infallable. That’s what Swarm City is trying to fix and everyone just want to take them and anyone else who may be part making something better down despite their own best interests. It makes absolutely no sense.

That seems like good news, not bad news. Imagine all the crap we get dinged for, thst is out of our control. Map malfunctions, wrong pin drops, people trying to fit more riders than legally allowed, drivers being told directions different than gps. All these issues will come to light and hopefully streamline the process. Plus it will take years for autonomous vehicles to become mainstream, hopefully most of us will not be driving for them by them lol

Don’t see them working anytime in the next ten years or so in clogged city driving. Especially in beach areas, most of east side south Florida, with pedestrians all over the streets in the way of cars. For that matter a lot of the time the gps isn’t even correct.

Y’all know they will have designated places for pick up and drop off. They probably won’t have the cars come to your house for a while until they do a more accurate account of the area. We are just puppets right now. Testing out systems and helping uber record raw traffic data.

I’ve already been through this multiple times…

First, the lawsuit against Uber with Waymo could jeopardize their entire driverless car program.

Second, as of right now, 60% of Americans said they would not get into a self driving car. All it takes is 1 fatality and it sets the whole program back at least 5 years.

Next, for insurance and liability purposes, self driving cars won’t have the ability to speed. I know in my state, people are flying on the highways, specifically during rush hour and most people will NEVER be willing to add time to their commute to save a few bucks.

Also, PEOPLE LIKE TO DRIVE! People will always buy cars for sentimental value. It’s a hobby.

Lastly, I see Uber drivers stopping in the middle of the road to pickup riders all the time. It usually happens because there is no parking at all. A lot of these cities or towns have narrow roads and no room to park. Is the driverless car going to be able to have common sense and say " well, let me stay double parked for a minute and if a car comes, I’ll just move" while waiting for a rider? I’m pretty sure the driverless will look for a legal parking spot and if there are no legal spots… Now, what does it do?

I know Travis has this dream of driverless cars taking over the world, but we won’t see it in our lifetime… I think there’s a better chance of us flying around like George Jetson before seeing driverless cars everywhere.

“self driving cars won’t have the ability to speed.” So no more tickets from the road pirates. Moreover, cop won’t have cars to drive either.

I didn’t say the cops pull people over for speeding… if every car on the road is going 85mph in a 65mph zone, a police officer can’t be selective in who they pull over, they need to be objective, so, they rarely pull anyone over… they’re enough idiots driving around causing accident, the state police have their hands full with that… a few years ago, there was a 35 car pile up from a jack-knifed tracker trailer right outside the GW Bridge. It took 5 days to clear the mess. Trust me, the troopers in NJ have enough going on.