Double Your Earnings with Lyfts Streak Bonuses - Would Streak Bonus increase Lyft Drivers Income?

The competition to work and partner with drivers in the ridesharing industry is fierce.

Uber's latest Driver Injury Protection Program is phenomenal. By covering drivers' medical expenses if they have an accident, lost wages, and providing their family with financial security in case they're gone. Uber is relating to its drivers on a more personal level, with the hope that they'll retain them for a lot longer.

Uber’s rival, Lyft, is also innovative. Besides its excellent insurance policy that it offers to its drivers, which include commercial auto liability and injury protection insurance, it also offers new ways for drivers to earn more. They call it Streak Bonuses.

A driver earns bonuses by taking the first ride during the streak bonus hour. And sticking online to accept multiple rides that follow…until they get their bonus. Lyft drivers can only enjoy this when the streak rides are available, during the streak bonus hours.

When do you know when a streak hour is available?

Lyft will let you know. The company will notify you when streak hours are up for grab. You'll receive the notifications either via your Lyft Driver app or through SMS. Just check your app constantly to avoid missing this great opportunity.

Once you're notified, then it's time to act. You do so in the following steps:

  • Step #1: Pick the first ride during the first hour.
  • Step #2: Stay logged in, and accept the next ride, and the next, and the next…until you hit your bonuses.
  • Step #3: Then receive your payment and go work on other streaks.

Your streak bonus will be added to your last streak ride, which you can simply withdraw with a click. It's that simple. The most important thing any rider can do to ensure they don't miss the bonuses is to stay on the look on the app for information about the availability of the streak rides, and act upon them sooner than later.

How does the streak bonus work?

Assuming you wake up early in the morning and after you've finished eating your breakfast, doing some push-ups, and taking your bath, you head straight to your phone. And when you tap your Lyft Driver app, you see the following:

  • A notification about streak bonus hours (available from 9 am to 10 am) and;
  • The streak ride requires a 4-ride streak for $12 bonus.

Upon seeing that, the first thing you did was…you rush and do your first ride at exactly 9:11 am, and immediately accept three more rides after that. You'll then see additional $12 bonus in your earnings after that. The reason is that you've completed your 4-ride streak. That's how the streak bonus works.

Are the bonuses limited to only one streak?

They are not. Once you have accepted and completed the first ride within the streak bonus hours, you can keep working on other rides and getting more bonuses.

The only person that will limit your earnings is yourself. If you don't hit the bonus streak hours, overlook the streak hour notifications, cancel a ride or turn on "Destination Mode," you'll miss out on the extra income that the streak bonus hour offers. Other than that, you're not limited, whatsoever, to enjoying the bonuses.

Your streak bonus counts (even if you don't finish your streak ride within the stipulated period)

The main purpose of Lyft's streak bonus is to offer incentives for riders that work during streak hours. So, even if you don't succeed in completing your job within the allotted time, you'll still get your streak bonuses, as long as your first trip begins during the bonus hour.

Maximize your earnings!

Streak rides are great ways to maximize your earnings and live the financially independent life you've longed for.

And you can achieve that, whether you're a new driver or a veteran Lyft rider. It's all about understanding how the streak rides work. Staying online, keeping a tab on the streak bonus hours, and driving during these times.

When you hit your first rides and keep going, you can earn your bonuses in no time. Of course, you need to put in some energy and commitments and perseverance. These habits will work wonders for you.

The habits will not only help you explore the streak rides opportunities, but they'll also help you earn more tips, doubling your income, and getting you closer to realizing your dream.


Streak bonuses are one of the amazing features in the Lyft Driver app. The 7.5 billion dollars Transportation Network Company (TNC) is creating more ways for its drivers to cash more doing what they love. As a driver, you can earn the streak bonuses by simply picking up the first ride during the streak bonus hour and, continuously, remain online, accepting other rides to get your bonuses.

To benefit from this feature, you need to stay on the app. And that means, keeping your Smartphone on, your battery fully charged, and your eyes on the notifications, waiting for the streak bonus hours to pop in. And get fired up to work and cash your bonus.

I loved it. But haven’t been offered in quite a while. Any follow up?

@Charlos92 Streak bonuses usually appear during rush hour times, but there’s no guarantee. If you drive during the rush hour times you’re more likely to see streak bonus offer. You should get a notification at the bottom of the Lyft app of how many rides the driver needs to get the streak bonus. It should look something like this: