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I have emailed the DD support plenty of times about issues that I’ve encountered while working for them, and not even once they’ve cared about responding. Today the sent an email saying I’m deactivated without giving me the opportunity even to ask why. I’m sharing this, so more drivers out there know the awful support center they have, either while delivering or outside. I’m also sharing this other experience that I think is important so drivers are aware that their safety can be at risk.
Some time ago a customer got mad at me and was able to keep texting me obscene words and threats toward my life even after I delivered the order and was off the DD app.
How is this possible? Why do the customers get to keep our personal phone number to keep texting or calling? Isn’t this breach of privacy? This guy kept saying he was going to find me and beat my ass! What if I was a girl and he attempted something else? He was able to text me and call me all he wanted, and once again I couldn’t do something, because as we all know, you can’t reach support unless you’re delivering. I sent an email to the support team about this, but once again they never responded.
I kept the texts he sent, and I’m posting a couple of them so you know I’m not making this up. Be safe out there drivers; because Door Dash doesn’t give a damn about you or your safety

I’m thankful customers haven’t done this to me, but yes, it is a safety and security issue they can still text/call us post-delivery. I am VERY cautious when I send texts or calls out and ONLY if I need clarification or assistance…otherwise, I’ll let support handle it and ask them to call the customer for me. Even then, some customers text me the minute I barely accept the order…asking “what’s my order status?” - Jeez, I just BARELY got your order, give me a break…or the worst is when they get impatient and tell you that they want to know if they should cancel because their order hasn’t moved. The sense of entitlement is STRONG with some DD customers.

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They can text you for up to 10 minutes after the drop-off. Always been this way. Unless you contact them directly instead of through the app, they shouldn’t be able to get a hold of you after that or have access to your number. The best option is to use a Google voice number for business and keep your personal number out of the loop. This applies equally as much to any gig economy job. :thinking:

Truth. I try to use my Google Voice # as much as possible when I have to give any # out. The nice thing about the DD number masking is they can’t get your personal number UNLESS you dial out to them via your personal number…which I’ve accidentally done a few times, but the customers leave me alone after I deliver.
If you can remember which delivery this was for, submit the screenshots along with your side of the story to the official DD facebook page. I have done, so NUMEROUS times about issues and I generally will receive some sort of response…this is NOT ok. This customer should be banned from using any service if this is how they think they can act around people.

I heard a rumor that in a month customer service will be gone. They will only keep a few on hand to deal with customers directly. The platform will only assign drivers, the help section in the app gives instructions on what to do when you can’t get delivery to the customer as is can’t find address or customer is not responding.

What freaking KFC doesn’t have dark meat?

Last night I drove all the way across town to a KFC for an order. I had to place the order, and they didn’t have dark meat which is what the customer wanted.

So I call the customer, and they end up canceling on me. I get in touch with DD chat, and they compensated me for half the trip but man. That actually sucked because I accepted it when the pay was over $1/mile and ended up getting $.50/mile.

I am just laughing at it, but seriously?!

I’m just loving how careless corporate is. My rating is still a 4.9, but just keeps shooting down, and chat isn’t available 25% of the time during an order. Seems useless to even contact them, as they actually provide no support, just bullshit disciplinary action, in English you can hardly understand. Hence, they don’t even get your explanation, let alone care to given their standard responses. I know drivers will keep joining, but the current system seems doomed to fail. Restaurants have food ready well under 50% of the time upon arrival or “pickup” time, traffic adds, stacked orders that must be accepted during bonus to qualify, horrible support (it’s bad enough if it were actual people in a SF call center that could understand the driver and help the best they could), changing pay that has confused several drivers based on their promised pay policies, a crashing app that never fixes itself, leading for me to about 20 on time deliveries officially being late, since you have to swipe completion multiple times or wait for the failed app to reload after closing it or restarting your phone. I don’t know what corporate could possibly be excited about, actively troubleshooting for real fixes, a way forward with all that’s wrong. The restaurants we go to are unorganized enough (leading further to driver drivers many other issues), and that’s all in-house in close proximity with a staff that all knows each other and get answers to problems immediately or personally resolve them. We drivers get nothing like that, and there are multiple other variables–even if the technology (connection and app) are working. So many immediate improvements could be made. Who’s doing it? The people that should care aren’t.

Response to customer rating BS, provided so horribly by corporate: (no more 90 day rating period):

Maybe 24 or 48 hours. 72 hours at most so drivers can be notified and customers would actually accurately share their experience, rather than yours, based off of updated driver experiences they have in their email, to get pissed at all drivers for DD–as they were only pissed at one driver, and DD as a shit company. Then they go rate everyone else bad, not because they were, but because DD offers NO recourse. How have the corporate dumbasses making 6 figures in SF not figured this out? Bunch of fucking dumbasses. Screw good drivers because of your extreme incompetence?

Let’s think about how stupid corporate is by the fact they offer a 30 mile trip for $7. That’s 1/3 Of what the government backs for mileage alone, time not Included. I’m considering legal options.

So…guess what? I get stuck with an order in which the customer wasn’t available, I follow protocol, and I have one support supervisor riding my ass saying I was in trouble…that I didn’t deliver even though I said I did when the agent gave me the all clear to do so. This all happened around midnight…I have a bit of a rule that I don’t knock or ring after a certain time because it might possibly wake up other occupants in the house/apartment I’m delivering to…

Well, apparently, I was supposed to take the food with me and just wait and go back…I texted the customer, AND we called her. I waited almost 10 minutes, and my other customer was waiting for me…then they call me again to tell me the customer is furious (entitled much?) and that they were going to resolve this and asked what my side of the story was…and apparently, there is going to be a report filed about this and I guess I’m close to being deactivated? I don’t even know anymore…I’m ready to throw in the towel. I’ve already removed two areas off my list over incidents, and this one is about to be the third.

The second call went better, and I was told the customer was not upset after they explained the situation (she must’ve checked her phone and saw we made several attempts to reach her).

My rating is dwindling slowly, and I’m over it…it was a damned if I do
and damned if I don’t situation…I didn’t want to take her food with me because I felt it was wrong.

I’m so over this bs. I’m ready to just go back to retail or possibly invest what I have into photography advertisements…

Don’t even let them get the best of you by getting a headache over it. I would’ve cussed him right back. No amount of money should have anyone talk or text to you like that. You give respect to earn respect and if they disrespect you, you do the same. That’s how I deal with that!!!

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Contact Support=No more deliveries afterwards?..Having an average/high number of deliveries and the customer doesn’t come to the door. And they won’t answer the phone. Contact support. They call the customer and it works right away. Which is an utterly ridiculous app fail. But not the point… After item is delivered… No more deliveries offered. WHY? It wasn’t my fault the app didn’t work and customer is def to someone banging on their front door. Doordash fail.

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