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DoorDash Explained

DoorDash is a door to door delivery service providing transportation services for food, groceries and prepared meals. The DoorDash system of work is quite simple. Drivers for DoorDash open their app and start to receive requests. DoorDash requires their drivers to prepare a schedule six-day ahead, and drivers can enter a shift If another driver does not appear online for work. Usually, the customer places the order with the restaurant, and all you have to do is collect it. Other times the order is in the app, and the driver must place it with the restaurant and pay for it with the company credit card, the "Red Card" provided to all drivers by DoorDash. There are instances that DoorDash support will place the order and the driver only needs to pay for it at pick up with the "Red Card." Approximately one hour before a shift starts you will have to select the area you want to work in, all the requests and deliveries will be limited to the area you choose.

DoorDash has partnered with many local providers and small businesses in an easy manner. Access to the partner's online account enables them to update their menu items, offer discounts and maintain stock levels online.

DoorDash operates all year round and its driver's volunteer for work; they are not company employees but private contractors providing the main service for both customer and company.

Drivers do not need to own a car; there are many of delivery vehicle options available, all you need to be able to do is provide adequate transportation methods to meet clients orders.

DoorDash is currently available in Arlington, Boston, Brooklyn, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, LA Valley, Los Angeles, Lower Manhattan, Minneapolis, Oakland and East Bay, Orange County, Palo Alto, Phoenix, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose and Silicon Valley, Washington, D.C.

Payment is made once every Tuesday and can be transferred by PayPal, direct digital transfer to an account or debit card provider. Driving for DoorDash does not include all the transportation expenses, so take into account gas, insurance, maintenance and local or State fees.

Promo Codes [2018]

DoorDash Promo Code $15 Sign up Bonus: C857w7

New customers will receive a first time delivery for free. When signing onto DoorDash choose the email and app notification option, this will connect you with all the promos offered on the various social media sites.

There is also a limited list of popular coupons available in certain sites, and they provide discount codes such as DASH20 and LUVFOOD, these codes appear every so often in a year, and it is a shame to miss them. It is also possible to redeem and save codes for future use, just make sure of the coupons time limit.

Codes and coupons can be redeemed through sites that include GrubHub, Eat24, and Foodspotting, as well as Groupon.

Codes are valued at around $10 to $15, and the delivery usually comes to that amount. However, if you get a cheaper delivery, the remainder will still be yours to use for another order.

It's always best to save the discounts for large orders or special occasions.

DoorDash support can be reached:

DoorDash Driver Information

DoorDash has some basic requirements for application, they are:

  • The applicant is 18 years or older
  • Has a vehicle or bicycle, car, truck, motorcycle, or scooter
  • Owns an iPhone or Android smartphone
  • Valid US Driver's license
  • Insurance card with name on policy
  • A social security number (background check)
  • Pass the background and driving record check
  • Pass an orientation interview online or in-person

DoorDash requires a background check for the last seven years, so make sure you have no prior offenses or driving offenses. Checkr performs all the background checks.

DoorDash Driver(Dasher) Sign Up & Sign on Bonus [2018]:

  • Go to
  • You may be eligible for Sign Up Bonus up to $300 depending on your city

DoorDash Drivers Income

  • Drivers get paid a flat fee only of around $6.00 to $8.00 per delivery and around $10 to $25 per hour.
  • Drivers get all the tip amounts tipped by a customer through the app after the delivery has been completed.
  • The income generated by deliveries is paid to them on a weekly basis.

DoorDash Orientation

You need to be aware of what all this is about:

  1. An orientation invitation or e-mail for on-boarding is a sign you have passed the application process.
  2. Remember you are a courier, this means you are going to be a part-time driver since this is not a full-time job.
  3. The orientation is held in their local offices.
  4. The group size per orientation is between five to twenty new couriers.
  5. Don't just rely on the orientation and your perception of what it's about. Try to find out as much from experienced couriers; they know a lot of time-saving details.
  6. The best times to work are during rush hours, meal times, weekends and holidays.
  7. The DoorDash insurance covers one million dollars in excess liability insurance, including up to fifty thousand dollars in medical expenses. Bike owners get a one million dollars general liability clause.
  8. DoorDash gives all their drivers a credit card for paying in credit at the merchants. Couriers do not pay in cash; this is a no cash service and if there are issues with the credit card you do not pay for the items with your own money, ever!
  9. Merchants are divided into three categories: Deep Partners, merchants that have online times in the DoorDash catalog and the prices are fixed and not estimated. General Partner that have prices in the catalog, but sometimes they can be different than the actual price and non-partners, these merchants do not appear in the online catalog, customers add them at their discretion. Some of them are cash only, so they are refused and "blacklisted" in the online merchant's list.
  10. Make sure your bike (if you are not using a car) has a protected and firmly secured carry box, and is large enough for big orders.
  11. Unlike ride-share companies, you are not limited to where you can drive and work, so if you live near a State line, you can deliver it.

Who is behind DoorDash?

DoorDash was started by Stanley Tang, Andy Fang, Tony Xu, and Evan Charles Moore who founded the company through the app they developed in 2013.

Doordash sign up bonus

Click here to apply:

How existing customers can get new credits

DoorDash is a door-to-door delivery service that works in most major US cities. This service operates an app and website that provide a large menu of items that are ordered online directly from the partner merchant stock. What this means is that partner merchants join DoorDash and update the DoorDash catalog, the customer gets a decent estimate (usually accurate) of how much the order and the delivery will cost. The only discounts that DoorDash controls are the delivery fees, all the other prices are under the direct control of the merchant. All merchant promos and sales will appear on different items when they are applied by the merchant.

Well, that’s not too bad…today I went to get my account activated for DoorDash, and was able to drive today for 4.5 hours…made just shy of $ part? No driving around people lol. Only downside, finding a time slot to drive is hard since you have to select a time and after the time is up, it takes you off the road. Got accepted by a couple of others too, so see how those are. It was fun, though, and got to find restaurants that I never found previously. The $4.50 per delivery, + tips isn’t bad. I got $22 in tips and $36 in mileage for taking those…only put like 50 miles on my truck, since most runs were only around 3 miles from restaurant to where they were. This is one time where short runs are the better option. Hopefully, I have good luck with Postmates and the other ones that are about to activate my account to deliver for them.

Life is beautiful and feeling good​:ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:About two weeks after Lyft deactivated me feeling good enjoying life without Lyft, Uber​:blush::blush::blush: I’ve been driving rideshare industry about six years Sidecar, Uber black, Uber X, Xl, Lyft, Food on-demand delivery GrubHub, Doordash, Caviar, Postmate…Rideshare companies help me my life taught me so many things learn lot things. Also had the chance to meet celebrities take a selfie with them​:ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:It was good and bad experiences!!! I thought probably hard to live without Uber, Lyft and thinking go back to Uber, but after two weeks decided not drive any more rideshare services to get back my normal life and job.Enjoyed happy now Uber, Lyft was flexibility, help me pay my father’s medical bills about 60k, pay off my all debts for lawyer fee about 20k for a green card which is I get my TWIC card eligible work stress free well-paying job​:+1::+1::+1:.Also really enjoy been member group sharing experiences help guide each other, kind of virtual co-workers feel like friends help each other, sharing free express thoughts​:+1::ok_hand:
Bad experiences as rideshare driver are stressful, so tense, any time lost your job matter of second, no rights, kind of middle guy, someone can verbally attack you anytime, but you can’t defend yourself if anyone like me limited English language skills!!! Probably pretty much deactivated because you had complained against money source of business!!! Especially starting early this year most paxes more sensitive, support team Uber, Lyft bunch of tech-savvy young guys, doesn’t know much what they were doing following instructions without thinking sending email paste no have common sense??? But not everyone bad still good guys there!!!End of the day this is job help you or destroy you!!! Try to stay alive make money much as can always be ready worst stay strong!!!We are living greatest country of World​:+1::+1::+1:Imagine 20 years ago landing America no English,200$ in the pocket, one suite case with full of dream hope to start job Walmart 4$ hour 10 hours a day 7days week after 20 years still believe in American dream!!! Sorry for anyone not understanding my thoughts make you headache lack of English writing grammar is bad!!! Please forgive me! God bless you all! Best wishes all!!! One for All, All for One!!!

Just had my first customer burn me. I delivered the food to the address that was provided and got a call form doordash saying the customer called and said he never received his food. I always double check the address I’m delivering to so I know I delivered to the correct address. I won’t be burned again. If they can’t tell me the name of the order, they won’t get the correct food address or not.

I have a situation: it’s the first day I picked up the food was at the customer house, and the screen to contact went away and I need to contact her ASAP to get her food. How do I get in touch with someone at DoorDash to contact the customer

Call Doordash ‭+1 (855) 973-1040‬ and use the option 3.

My first day was horrible. Got crazily lost, was an hour late and was rated a 2. My next one was a nightmare also. I had a 2 for two weeks. Now I love it most the time except when I have fights with Google maps. Here’s wishing you a smooth transition and welcome to our dysfunctional family.

Ok, so I dashed until 10! And I got my last order at 9:30 PM. Went to the restaurant and somebody else took my order :rage:… so I contacted doordashDD and told them, and they gave me $4.35 because the dash was supposed to be for me then I waited till 9:55 and I got a beep to pick up the order at the same place. I slide accept … then it said ordered cancelled … so I picked up this delicious pecan pie lol and step out the door at 9:59… then I drove down 1 block, and it said my dash ended so now I’m at home with this happy pie meal haha … sometimes we win some and lose some