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How is DoorDash, GrubHub, and Postmates out in Seattle? Is it pretty steady? I saw a screenshot of someone on here who made over $1000 with GrubHub with just 78 orders.

Just got sent like six orders in rapid succession that are not in my starting area. I’ve only been doing this for a couple of months, but this hardly ever
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Likely there are no drivers in your area. I was logged in during a bonus time and got sent several orders in a row that were too far away for what they were paying. I declined them some the bonus pay was only $1. So, of course, I didn’t receive any bonus pay because my acceptance far went down. Sometimes I feel like they do it on purpose

From what I hear, you get sent orders outside your area sometimes because there are fewer drivers in the area that’s not yours.

So I went to Kent and did a “king scooper” order. The place is nowhere to be found. The app and map say it’s inside Safeway. There’s not customer number to call, and the business number is not picking up

Update: the business did not exist and spammed routes to everyone in the area. There was like five drivers with me at Kent, all confused AF. DoorDash gave me $5 for my trouble lol

This is why I’m glad I deliver in the inner city. Shit, I complain when I get an order that’s 5 miles away. Couldn’t imagine what you guys go thru. This happened to me the other day. I was being given $6-$ seven orders across town. I ended up ending my dash and waiting to get into GrubHub. It’s not worth my time when I’m spending more on fuel than what I’m bringing in.

I signed up for them, and my card WOULD NOT link up even though it would say I was. I finally got so tired of their damn text messages to activate my card when I already did, but customer service wouldn’t respond that I blocked their number from texting me again and deleted the app. Now I just use their bags for my other delivery apps I’m signed up for lol

I literally just picked up an order, and now I’m getting an unknown error message when I try to log back in after said app has encountered an error.

Same here I can’t get back on it says I’m already on a dash and so I try to delete the dash so I can start over and it says error it won’t let me delete it. And I can start a dash so shit out of luck I guess lol.

I am having trouble getting my incentive pay for South Seattle 4/28/18. Anyone else?

I hope you have screenshots it took me a month to get paid on one and they keep telling there wasn’t extra pay but I sent a pic, and then they say I miss an order or something and I said BS! :roll_eyes: in the end, they did because of my proofs

It seems like this new “on time door dash delivery system” isn’t accounting for multiple orders, traffic, looking for parking or restaurant readiness. Even if I rush, I’m still either getting to the customer at the exact time a few mins early or today? Late.

I spoke with DoorDash as my rating disappeared. I was hanging around 98 percent, and then it just faded away to “—.“ When I asked doordash where it went, they said it’s still just being tested and not to worry about this rating. I don’t know how I feel about the reply. I’m just going to keep getting everywhere on time…

Ahhhh ok, yeah yesterday afternoon was somewhat crazy, I was rushing, and I was still trying to get there early, and I was only a few mins early literally, and that was me in a hurry.
Last night I got an order and then another right away, and it only gave me seven extra mins. And by the time the first order was ready I had five mins to get to the second, find parking, get the food and deliver it. And when I got to the pickup, it was already time to delivery it, but the restaurant didn’t even have the food ready for me yet. So both orders were late.

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