DoorDash Driver Caught on Camera Stealing Amazon Package. DoorDash Response? Meh

One of the biggest issues with using gig delivery services is the honesty and integrity of the couriers. You would expect that companies would be concerned with their courier's integrity and help when dealing with a criminal. However it seems that DoorDash thinks that criminal behavior is OK and promotes this kind of activity by ignoring it.

Here is one irrefutable case where a "Dasher" thief was caught on cam, and DoorDash not only ignored the issue, they even helped the criminal by not helping the police, which is a crime by itself and DoorDash could be facing criminal charges based on negligence with criminal intent.

Video :arrow_down:

Here is the story:

A DoorDash customer received delivery by a dasher; the customer stated that "He had to wait here for a minute or two, press the buzzer," after which, "He was buzzed in." In the video you see the man walk in with a DoorDash red bag, and then take an Amazon package as he walks out of the property.


The video and stills show the courier plainly taking the Amazon package with him as he leaves the property. The resident and DoorDash customer stated that she tried to explain the situation to DoorDash representatives but "They're not interested."

This situation happened early March 2018, after she went to take the groceries from the dasher, she saw that her Amazon box had disappeared. She went to the CCTV feed and saw that the same dasher that came in to deliver the food was the same guy that stile the package.

The resident called up DoorDash customer service and told the DoorDash representative that "He didn't just walk off the street and walk into my building. He came in under the auspices of your organization."


However, the reply she got from DoorDash was down right negligent, bordering on criminal intent to aid the alleged felon. The DoorDash representative stated "He's like, 'Well I'm sorry, there's nothing else we can do. We talked to him; he said he didn't take the package."

The resident told the media that she has a video recording of the dasher stealing the package, but "They didn't even ask for the video. They didn't say, 'Can we have the video? Can we verify that your video is authentic?' Nothing."

What made her realize how bad DoorDash is was their offer to send the same criminal back to her home. She was now scared for her life, thinking what this guy could and would do to her to get the recording back.

After this, she went straight to the Police and filed an official complaint with the video recording as evidence. After two weeks of filing the complaint, the police sent two investigators to her home and the case is now active and ongoing.

According to the resident, she told police "All they have to do is talk to DoorDash."

My Take:

It's bad enough rideshare drivers and couriers have to take the brunt of one or two bad apples that taint the whole lot of us. Its far worse when the company we represent acts like its compliant in the acts of these criminals. Based on what the resident states and claims, it looks like DoorDash is working together with the dasher to steal goods from people's houses. If this were an Uber issue, the courier would have been immediately deactivated, and Uber would have sent a complaint to the police, not just the customer.

Yup, I agree with your take. It is bad enough we have to deal with reputations, now we have to deal with idiots that get caught on cam. I am surprised by DoorDash, I would have expected much more interest in dealing with a thieving dasher. Just goes to show you what the corporate culture is in DoorDash and why GrubHub owns 52% of the market.