Don't try and act surprised when I show up in a vehicle you all can't fit in

Last night I got a lyft request at a movie theater around midnight, I drove out to pick these people up and there are 6 of them. I have a Hyundai Elantra lol. They asked me if I would take all 6, it was 35 min trip, not that it matters. still wouldn’t have taken them, but that makes it even worse. They acted like they didn’t know how to order an SUV and then tried to tell me to cancel, acting like it was my fault. I told them no of course, they need to cancel. They refused, I sat there for 5 mins staring at them and then cancelled and got my fee. I drove off and about 5 mins later I got a request from the same people, so they were pretty much just being cheap and didn’t wanna pay for an SUV and preferred that I risk getting a ticket. I mean a pic of my car shows up when you order.

They were trying to get over. Sad thing is tho, ive watched other drivers pull up and take ppl like this. I usually tell em something to make em feel stupid and if possible, get plates n a pic to send Uber or Lyft. They make it harder for the rest of us so fuck em.

Love when they do that and I get uber to upgrade it to an xl ride after the ride is done.

HOWEVER, if you are not XL eligible, Uber will threaten or deactivate you. Learned this my first week of driving when some pax snuck an extra pax in, 2 years ago.

Honestly it shouldn’t be this hard, it’s all the assholes that are constantly trying to get over on drivers, don’t worry though, you will figure all the games they play pretty quickly. It only needs to happen once and you will know not to fall for it again. I have fallen for a lot of the things people talk about on here, don’t feel bad

They think they’re slick but are just a bunch of cheap idiots. LOL

You should’ve accepted gone back and sat there again and got a second cancellation fee! Would’ve of loved to see the look on their faces after that one. Lol

… and people try to tell me every day that Americans aren’t, collectively, morons.

The saddest part is there were 5 of them! They could a split the fee 5 ways for about 10.00 each… cheap losers

6 passengers, plus driver… puts 7 people into a Hyundai Elantra… It would be easier to drive them around in a phone booth!

I hate driving out to a house or a bar and as soon as I pull up 5 people try and pile in my Camry, and then get mad at me when i explain the law to them, and refuse to start the trip or move… I pulled up to a hotel to pick up some passengers once, and there where 6 of them, all police in town for a conference, all Veterans, and had to explain to them that even if I had agreed to take all 6 of them, that they would never fit in my car… Hell, 3 of them together barely fit in my car, and the 2015 Camry SE is pretty roomy … Got them to order another UBER, and sat and waited for him to arrive, and they split 3 and 3 in the cars … Gave me a 3 star for it …

Uber is already cheap to begin with. These low life supercheap skates want to be cheap on top of cheap. Six motherfuckers want to save $6 wow. They should not have even gone to the movies then if SIX people cannot pitch in for a XL ride. Funny and dumb at the same time. Murica!

So did you drive back? Wait again 5 min and collect another $5

I always tell them

  1. You can order another ride split up in 2 groups
  2. You can cancel and order the proper number of seats required.

if you offer them option 1, you are guaranteed to get a low rating

I told them both of those things, they refused to cancel or order a second vehicle. Thought about accepting the ping, I had actually gotten a good distance away cause I went right back out on the interstate by the time they requested the second, they may have had a hard time getting an xl were I was, but would have little issue getting two x’s.

It happens in Vegas ALL the time. I show up, roll my windows down a bit, lock doors and wait 2 see how many passengers. I have Elantra/4 passengers. When I first started I did 1 xtra person on friends lap. When I thought about how the rider was trying to get away with paying less in addition if accident I am not covered and if cop pulls me over! No way! Wait the 5 minutes - and cancel with an explanation on ride to Uber or Lyft. Same goes 4 under age riders. Live and learn.

So you didn’t start ride and they told you it was a 35 minute ride? Lol if so they’re trying to lure you in with a long ride

I asked then where they were going when I saw how many people and they told me Vienna, which I knew to be about 35 mins

They didn’t need to order an SUV unless they wanted to, but an XL would have worked fine.
Thank you for refusing to take them. I hope the next car did the same.

This happens constantly. So tired of these cheap bastards.