Don't try and act surprised when I show up in a vehicle you all can't fit in

I’m fine with cheap people, it’s when you try to get me to break the law or are so cheap that it’s basically stealing, like when riders drop their pin out of the surge that pisses me off. I am cheap af rn cause I am saving for a house, but I am not a dick about it. Like if I am taking an uber or lyft I wait out the surge if I don’t have the money or walk out of the zone, and I always tip

I take 4, tell them I’ll be back for the rest and get paid for the trip to the destination, back to get the others, then to the destination again. Try that! I keep the ride running the entire time and distance.

Wise move not to take these grown juveniles

Your vehicle is not a prank circus vehicle packed to the max with clowns…

Imagine the liability if you actually pick these idiots up and got into an accident

Again wise move

Right I hope you took the ride went right back to him and stood there for another 5 minutes telling them what the hell we can do this All Night Long at five bucks a pop

I can remember (yes I am old) when we would try to stuff as many people possible in a car and go somewhere. I had a 62 Chevy Nova we had 6 people in the back 4 in the front . Crazy kids.