Don't give shit about tips


(Peter Dave) #1

I take a min fare… Dude is in my car for 6 mins tops and gives me this. Wtf. Lol.

Unlike most drivers I don’t give a shit about tips. I don’t even go in the app to look, because I honestly don’t care. I drive for promos. Once the promos stop, I stop.

So for the guy who doesn’t care about tips to get a 50 is pretty funny.

I told him to keep it, but he insisted.

(Mitchel) #2

Sure… You told. Him to keep it

(Haris_McMan) #3

You posted the other day that drivers should get an education instead of driving their car etc… and then you post some nonsense like this? Da faq… are you a charity? Seeking attention? Or just weird?

(Amanda Halen) #4

All 3 probably lol. I never said I wasn’t a driver. I only turn on the app if I can average more than 30 an hour. If I can’t average that, the app gets shut off.

(Maurice Nixon) #5

Please don’t turn down tips

(Andrew Martin) #6

Don’t pay this guy no mind he is a nut job. He posted yesterday that we should ALL get an education instead of drive

(Kimberly Nelson) #7

If you’re out there driving to make money and you tell someone to keep a tip, you’re shooting yourself in the foot.

(Sharon Green) #8

Stick ur ass, who cares, just keeps it to ur self loser…!!!

(Sue Cooper) #9

I saw this picture in another uber group. It is funny how drivers lie in these groups. Lol

(Donna Harris) #10

That’s what manifestation & the law of attraction are all about! You don’t give a shit and abundance starts coming your way. Isn’t magic the biggest joke ever? :joy:

(Michaela Biksacky) #11

Dude if you didn’t need or care about tips your broke a$$ would not be driving for uber

(Sheena Washington) #12

so you drive basic fares for promos

(Brendan Halai) #13

This happens sometimes. I got a $100 tip delivering pizzas a few weeks ago, and it wasn’t a large order. Some people just want to do random acts of kindness

(William Murphy) #14

For someone who doesn’t care about tips, is surely bragging pretty hard on his tip

(Graham Sandy) #15

This will buy ONE can of formula for my son … you can mail it to me since you don’t care about it :upside_down_face:

(Mathew Boolean) #16

Deive for promos? :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

(Trish Richardson) #17

So you work to make money, but actively turn down money when it’s offered? :woman_facepalming:

(Lance Rodriguez) #18

Never, I mean NEVER turn Dow tips. What’s the matter for you???

(Melinda Foster) #19

Hey. I got this the other day for a simple $25 trip for me… I’m not gonna say no. Especially when the bellman fucks up and then I get his tip too.

(Bector Ernest) #20

Reminds me of a SVU episode where a driver got paid $50/ trip to take sex traffic victims to hook up with johns