Don't fall in the trap

So let’s see here almost two years in this group I’ve seen my baby is stuck at work and I have no way to get her, I just need money for a hotel room, I have shingles, my baby has autism, I shot myself in the well you know where that’s going…I say this because people come in here with sad stories pretending not to want anything and next thing you know people feel sorry for them. Now not every one is a scammer because I know we’ve helped a few deserving families but please let’s try to be less gullible.

I’m not tattling but I do try to point things out that the admins may miss. I’m not one of those that’ll blame the admins I try to help them. Of course I do… well not anymore it’s not really a money maker like it used too. If I showed you my screenshots you’d understand.

My stomach is hurt, it’s making excessive noises and in pain. I think a few UberEATS deliveries will heal this condition. Thanks and God Bless!

Oh and due to the rare diagnosis, only steak (medium rare) and lobster seem to be viable cures. Thanks in advance.

Oh well if that’s the case and you just want to help. Rainbow house is behind the Clayton county dfcs and they have a teenage group home. They can always use donations.

I wish somebody would tell me how to spend my money…

Can somebody link me to ole girls gofund me account?

I’ve seen a scammer make bank on another driver’s group. Claimed she wrecked her car and she only had liability and she couldn’t come up with the money to fix it. Somebody googled the image and it didn’t come back to her, her state, even the vehicle make was wrong. That ibtch disappeared so quick…

That sucks because there are genuine people in here that are truly “going through some things”…I hate that she was not being honest. How did ya’ll figure it out?? See, I should have just put up a gofundme on here lol…instead I am going to donate plasma for gas/groceries. Well, I guess I just need to pay attention more to what goes on in here!!! Crazy!

If you are worried about being scammed but want to help folks out who need it I’d say donate to a good 501c3 charity that way you know the money is used for good. A good food bank on the south side is run by Feeding GA Families, they are a 501c3 that I have donated to. Their website is
And here is a picture of one of their cards with info on it.

If you need grocery help to get back on your feet they can take some of the pressure off. No requirements or registration

There is a group on Facebook called the Atlanta Free Store … where they give groceries away …friend them & activate notifications…

I believe people are old enough to decide if they want to help or not without you trying to discredit people’s claim with this post. The only thing you did with this post is make people second guess helping people…smh

I totally agree with this. Who cares if it is or isn’t. Give what you can IF you can. God will handle the rest. We ALL go through things. Who are we to judge :woman_judge:t5:

I’m new to the forum. I tried to help at a cost of $150 to myself. Won’t do that again. For those who donated, I applaud your faith in others. I’m over 60y.o. so I have different values than most in this group. Trust, patience, kindness and tolerance. I’m a retired military veteran (USN). If this group is a reflection of the young Georgia generation, it’s a sad commentary. Out here.

I think what you did was admirable and as someone who struggles to make ends meet for myself and daughter…I understand where she may have been coming from. Who knows if she was legitimate or not about her story…the main thing I take away from it all is that you and others were willing to step up and offer a hand. All without anything in return. Keep being the socially conscious and caring, empathetic individual that you are. I agree with everything you said!

(1/2) One last favor. Can you please thank the person in the screenshot and ask that please no one send anything. I have to keep the app for other things but I
(2/2) wish that no one send any more. I have gas money from last night to get back on the road tonight, so I am fine. Thanks again.

No her page disappeared earlier which caused people to believe she was scamming. John called her and she said her page was locked and she couldn’t access it

It was locked because someone reported it I’m sure. But the key was… I. Order for it to be a scam being that she didn’t ask for money, John would have most likely been in on it. Or was she just leaving it up to chance that someone would do something like that… I doubt it

I give and don’t think twice. If it’s a scam who cares. You still had the right intention & you will be blessed in return. You can buy crack beer or pussy with my 5 dollars. I did my part.

I need assistance. My dog had a tick that sucked a lot of her blood and now she needs transfusions. Since she is a Chiweenie (daushound and chichuhaha) so we need $2000 to fly to Germany and Mexico so she can get blood. We have a special PayPal set up @getthetickoutofhere