Don't Drink Too Much and Ride Uber--$1600 Fare Story

Yup, if you are drunk and take an Uber, then get ready to pay the Uber fee for drunk riding. One guy decided that he was going to enjoy a night out partying in West Virginia University's campus. During his inebriated state, he ordered an Uber and expected the driver to take him to his hotel room near the campus. However, this guy must have pressed "home," and the Uber driver picked him up, no big deal, and started to drive to the destination. The destination was the guy's home in Gloucester County, N.J. which is over 300 miles away. Add to this the guy ordered an UberXL, and you now have the drivers best fare of the year.

So, the guy's name is Kenny Bachman and here is what he told the media: "I just woke up, and I'm thinking, 'Why the f— am I in the car next to some random ass dude I don't even know?" Since the driver had already completed 2 hours of driving, Kenny didn't tell him to turn around or stop; he continued on home.

The total price for the trip was $696.95 for miles, $119 for time, the base fare and booking fee as well as toll penalties. Total bill was $1,635.93 due to surge pricing doubling the fare.

One good thing about Kenny is that he gave the driver 5 stars.

That's one happy driver, and we all wish we had a Kenny every day or night, maybe 2? Please…

Yup, me too, I want a Kenny every day, and one is enough, I ain’t greedy.

Yup, been there, done that. I had a pax that was so stoned he didn’t know which country he was in. He ordered the ride from Bloomfield all the way to Chicago, and so he got it. He didn’t contest the ride, paid up like a man. I occasionally get some drunk dudes that visit town and end up ordering rides to their homes. Since I know that the sap didn’t want me to drive 3,000 miles, I checked again and found out where he was staying in town. Bottom line, yes, we can take advantage of our customers, but I always prefer to check when the ride is over 100 miles.