Done 2000 rides and a 4.9 rating

If you’ve done 2000 rides and you have maintained a 4.9 rating, I would like to suggest that you are very rare indeed. You are also wasted talent at the wheel, because it is an indication that people really like you, and that you are exceptionally competent. Become a motivational speaker, launch a you-tube channel, open a restaurant or start selling something, because the homies really dig you!

My rating hit an all time low today, 4.85. I don’t care about it so much, but my non 5’s count went to 16. I also do think that some of the non 5’s I have received are because of app issues, where the trip didnt start or end on time through no fault of my own. Also, perhaps some of it is that I didn’t get the person where they wanted me to be, which is also an app/pax thing, and although I can only go where I am called, I can see the pax thinking it is my fault anyhow. Fuck it.

If you aren’t being dqed for it your rating means nothing financially don’t stress it. Keep doing your job Go out whenever you need the extra cash! Keep it fun

I already stopped driving… I will just go out during events Uber will need to make it a lot more appealing to me otherwise, before I go regularly

someone here claimed they have 4.9 or 5 after over 2000 rides. I find it hard to believe actually.
But if its true, Uber should be calling that person and giving them a coaching job.

Thanks for the well timed motivational words. Been working hard on getting my new biz off the ground these last couple weeks. 4000 rides 4.89

I have noticed you are always positive and upbeat. In fact, I have had my suspicions that you were working for Uber as a motivator already. I know I am not the most likeable person, because I come across as arrogant. I do know that.

Im sure the best service oriented people are also the most humble. People don’t want their drivers to be better than them, or smarter … Haha. I had a recent graduate from teachers college in my car. I said; “this is your future, I graduated there in 1992”. Lol.

All told, you have 194 non 5’s, out of 2580 total rides. (.075%) and I have I have 15 out of 197 rides (.076%) Your rating is 4.92 and mine is 4.85. I cannot figure this out.

A lot of it’s attitude. I’ve dipped down to 4.77 and climbed back out. My #1 rule is never complain about anything -even when people invite it.

Your non-5s might be lower than his. He could have more 4 stars, you could have lots of 1, 2 or 3 stars, which with the exact same number of rated trips would bring your average lower than his.

It’s based on the last 500 rides. She has over 500 and you only have 197, so your score would be lower till you reached 500.

Shit. I kicked out a drunk pax tonight (at his destination) who then became incredibly hesitant to leave the vehicle, thinking that I should be doing everything he tells me to (which was to drive his friend home in the other direction. A destination we had already passed 5 miles earlier) He also got angry at the beginning of the trip b/c I wouldn’t let him smoke in the car. I couldn’t fucking care less what he rated me.

I have done probably 2500 rides as a driver and 1500 rides as a passenger.

What I have observed is that a low rating definitely means that the driver has issues (it is not because of the passengers). However, higher rated drivers are not necessarily any better than a lower rated driver.

In short, a driver with a 4.6 probably is not very good.

I’m probably a good example. My rating hovers around 4.8. I will never be at 4.9. Why? I care about a good you’re doing a good job, but I don’t care about my rating. These are not the same thing. I have no issue with throwing belligerent assholes out of the car and letting them rate me.

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That’s me with Lyft only. 4.94, but I don’t do anything special really, accept my ability to know my way around really well to avoid traffic. (Not listening to GPS all the time).

Maybe “normal” people can explain this to me, I’ve being driving for over 3 1/2 years with uber and about 2 years with lyft. I’m friendly and personable, I’m friendly and accommodating. I know my city very well but use gps navigation when required or rider preferred route. I keep my car clean and good conditions and smelling good, my personal hygiene is important and I take care of myself. I dress casual at time, but not too casual and most times is formal. I focus on providing a pleasant, safe, respectful, efficient, courteous service.

I’m conversationalist when appropriate. I’m helpful with whatever need to be put in the trunk. I laugh and don’t complain with clients, and when I’m having a bad day, I prefer not to drive. Yet when people finds out what I’m, their initial cheerfulness goes away, they get spooked, clamp down and dismissive, and limit their responses to what they feel is only necessary.

I’m transgender woman, transsexual or as some people derogatorily refer to me a “Tr*anny”, a member of one of the most discriminated minorities. See the picture below and explain it to me.

Unfortunately it looks like you have two options. Either don’t tell them so they don’t judge you. Or my personal recommendation, keep doing what you’re doing and know you’re lower rating is due to their hateful self not you.

everyone is different, every area is different. Do you think your rating is lower because you are trans? Cuz that’s just cold. Sounds like you’re doing everything right.