Don’t get caught up in that night life

Jesus Christ please help us…I don’t think I can take this anymore. I have never seen so many people have so many problems in an industry in all my life. I can’t understand how half of the story’s that are posted can even happen. where do all these stories come from. I’ve been with Uber almost 3 years and I have almost 10,000 trips. And I have never experienced any of the shit that y’all be bringing up in here. I only work nights so I have picked up thousands of drunk people that like to talk shit and I have never had any issues with anybody. In fact those are the best and most profitable rides you will ever have. I’m starting to wonder if maybe it’s us, maybe we’re the damn problem. Maybe some of you folks just ain’t cut out for public service. Maybe your customer service skills are just horrible. Maybe customers are set off because of our own stupidity. We’re more worried about our cars, and keeping that ugly ass hooptie all cleaned up. Instead of worrying about making money. Everything else is irreverent. Just focus on providing good customer service and remaining focused on taking care of Uber’s customers. At the end of the day, that’s what we’re here for. To transport Uber’s customers to where they want to go. This BS would never happen if you just remained focus. Uber does not give a damn about you or me. They will deactivate your ass so quick and won’t think twice. They have thousands of drivers waiting to sign up. It’s not worth losing any income over a single trip. Just pick up the people and drop them off. That’s it, that simple. Just pick up the people and drop them off. They are not your friends. You do not know these people. Just pick up the people and drop them off as fast as you can safely can. I just don’t get it.

It’s all good folks. Just my opinion. And please don’t kick me out.

HEY you take your common sense and well spoken argument and get the fuck out of here. This group is for curmudgeons with no social skills.

Nicely written…
How much did they pay you? Lol
Ps. Just kidding…:man_facepalming:t2:

I drive during the day. And for the most part, I have very few problems.
The nature of the job is strangers enter your world and 99.9% are just fine. Just get them there safe. Gps issues they understand. Its uber.
This group has way more to offer than just straight up advice. Its interesting and provocative. Because that’s what the job presents.
I like hearing what the average uber driver sees, hears and feels out on the road. That’s why I come here everyday.

I read that in a Madea voice. :rofl:
You are so correct.
I enjoy Ubering and it’s the best side hustle around. I make a couple of hundred dollars on $20 of gas for siting in my car driving drunk college kids around. They are chatty, curious, wild and I love it. Get out of the business if you think it’s so awful!!

Jesus Christ please help us…I don’t think I can take this anymore. I have never been so confused all my life. I can’t understand how a grown man complains about other drivers’ experience with Uber. I just don’t get it.

Just a conversation starter and sobering reminder that maybe this job isn’t cut out for some of you. Wouldn’t you agree.

This group has scared me from even starting. I was approved 2 weeks ago and after a few hours of seeing the posts in here I’ve been way too scared to go through with uber even though I really need a flexible gig like this. I was starting to wonder if it was really this bad,

It’s not. My husband and I make good money and really enjoy it. Go for it. I average $15-$22 an hour when I drive.

It’s my experience that most people are nice. Honestly I’ve had very few issues where I’ve reported a passenger. It’s great money and you can’t beat the flexibility and no boss!! I only work weekends(fri-sunday) best I average is 25-40/hr. To me it’s not worth it to drive during week days

Trust me you’ll love it. It’s fast money and can be very profitable. Advise : control all the content in your vehicle. Control the conversation and get yourself a sense of humor if you don’t have one. Thick skin will also be required. But 99% of the people you pick up are absolutely amazing. Great stories great conversations. But that other 1% that gets in your car. Keep them entertained and they will love you for it.

I somewhat agree with you. If you’re not a people person you most likely suck at uber

I agree with everything you’ve said except for the following:

  1. I love my car. It’s not just work equipment. It’s my daily driver. I take pride in keeping it nice and clean and I take issue with those who disrespect it. When they do, I let them know.

  2. A lot of of the stories you hear in this group are anecdotal, rare, and extreme, and while they don’t necessary represent the norm and it is possible to minimize the possibility, they can still happen to anyone. They shouldn’t scare anyone off, but as you said, everyone should just use common sense.

Do yo u mind sharing your rating. I’ve had a couple of less than 5 stars by riders who get in, half speak and don’t say anything during the entire ride. Just curious of how your riders had rated you.

I come from a service background and treat everyone courteously, and have had no problems. It is true it is as easy as you say! I am not certain about the stories you mention that other drivers bring up…? Kind of would like to hear them lol

Good thing we have perfect untroubled drivers with no problems as role models for the other 500;000 Uber drivers who need ideas or support and maybe you can keep from going crazy by Not reading about other people’s not so perfect rides. Good for you.

I agree with you! I’ve picked up a drunk blind man from a resort he was tryna be touchy feely but I put him in his place real quick never had a problem with him after I told him excuse me sir i am married and have no desire to be touched by you please stop or i will contact the police and they can take you home… that was it he apologized and I took him home

Everything else is irrelevant***
But yeah, agree with you like 90%

Agreed Brother, i think alot of people on here make Shit up!