Don’t do grocery stores or walmart

You can call me a bitch but the next time I see an older lady with two carts of grocery’s at shoprite on one of those scooters, she’s getting cancelled. 3.71 fare, no tip… 3 cases of water!!! And she only used the cart because she was overweight.

I used to get that at walmart when I was a glutton for punishment.

I always double check the pickup spot before accepting :wink:

I keep a log of UNDESIRABLE pickup spots in various towns. Say what ever but it is MY BUSINESS. :grinning:

Because WE want to. It is OUR BUSINESS and We run it how we want to. Every DOLLAR we don’t make is available for you. TAKE the MONEY and say THANK YOU. :grinning:

I keep the part they give me. SAY WHAT YOU WANT, DO AS YOU WANT that is YOUR RIGHT. I don’t need your help or OPINIONS, thanks anyway. Have a Nice Day :grinning:

I totally agree.
My truck don’t roll on a ping unless it has potential to earn.
There will always be trips that don’t pan out, but I’m doing my damndest to tilt the odds in my favor.

if I’m in a 2.0 surge I’m turning off pool/X!
I am making sure I am available to give prompt and safe 5​:star:service to the XL riders.:wink:

Also, very rare for a Walmart warrior to order an XL.

Everyone should buy a minivan for $3,000 and drive in XL mode only.
Best bang for your buck.

I would call YOU a SMART Business Owner :grinning:
There is Hard Money to make and EASY Money to make, the choice is ALWAYS YOURS to which on YOU WANT.

I would have cancelled anyway because I ain’t helping them pick shit up if u wanna lift shit I would of stayed at napa or pep boys and get paid an hourly rate lmao but not happening I wont pick shit up especially since I dont trust anyone to tip even if they say they will.

The check is in the mail.
We are from the government and here to help you
You won’t get pregnant
I’ll hook you up on the app with a good tip.

I love the “THINK THEY ARE SMART PEOPLE”, if they saw you walk by a $20 dollar bill on the ground, would they TELL YOU to pick it up or PICK UP THEMSELVES? “STUPIDITY” makes my head hurt. :tired_face:

I called lyft and not only did they agree with me, give me more money for it… but they also contacted the woman to inform her that what she did was wrong. It’s a car service that is all. Not to transport your shit! And not to have people move it for you!

Not sure if that’s worse than me picking up at a supermarket. Woman has a filled to top shopping cart. I help load, we get in, she says wait a minute. Then another person gets in. Her 19 year old son healthy and physically capable.

She not only abused the son for not helping she tried to pawn him off on me. Then a half mile away at drop off I’m back unloading as fast as I can cause I have a ping in queue waiting. The useless son does nothing again.

Lesson learned, I’ll never pickup at a store again.

That happened to me once and she was mad I would not help!
I said I can’t lift anything cause I had surgery on my back. And When I get pool people my trunk doesn’t exist to cheap fuckers.
Now when I see rides to Walmart or any supermarket I cancel except Targets lol

Makes sense
Ive picked up buncha times at walmart, shoprite ans target. Only once was trunk usedm group of ppl 2 of them from shoprite cart full. The man was holding lady by the wrist. As i park hes walkin hee to the car n sitting her in. im outside loading the cart n he comes to the trunk m starts rushing to put it in. When we got to destination n he assisted the lady out the car n to the door thats qen i realized she was blind. I started putting stuff on the top step. I do this to get me to the next trip faster. But almost always its qorkers or a person with stuff that can fit on their lap

A disabled I’ll help
I picked up a mom with her autistic teen after her car broke down and she had a boatload of groceries she was just at Walmart
Drove her home and helped with her bags but she tipped 2 bucks
So I got caught out there still lol

It happens. I dont helpr right away. I ask thru the window “u need help or u good” in a way thatll make them feel bad if they say yes

What do you guys do if you accept a Walmart/supermarket pickup that’s POOL and they have a ton of bags (ie maybe not enough room for another pax)… how do you explain it to the pax why you can’t shop and “pool”?

Tell them they have to cancel the Pool and request X or XL… if they refuse, then you cancel the ride for them