Does anyone hate when a PAX gets in the front seat with you?

Sometimes I’ll tell them they’re more than welcome to sit up front. This way I can see their every move.

With that said, I do hate when a single passenger sits right behind me. Puts me on edge a little bit.

I don’t! It’s a good thing some feel comfortable with you or want to have a nice convo :relieved: (yes it’s a job but you choice to do it!)

is just plain and simple if you get offended by it this is not for you we all sign up to take random people in our car didn’t we?

even though i prefer them to sit in the back i will never deny anyone sitting in the front we all have different preferences in one way or the other just wanted to se other people’s preferences and opinions

At the end of the day it’s your car and your preference, but creepy and weird are still creepy and weird in the front or back

1st off, THEY DONT! Only if I have 3 or more passengers! I place my drink cooler and stuff on that seat and also keep it pushed up and angled!

I dont care either way. If they are talkative Id rather them be up front.
Or if its a hot chick, then it boosts my street cred.:rofl::joy::rofl:

For .93 a mile they ride in the back. I don’t care if they are pretty or stinky, all in the back. I’ve seen Jerry springer the pretty ones are usually crazy.

I prefer pax to sit in the back! When they get in the front, I act like I don’t mind. I slide the passenger front seat back, smile and say “this was up because most people like to sit in the back” :slight_smile:

I guess that’s the difference between people. I like talking and have water and gum. If I had to guess, I’d say the no front seat people are the same ones who “don’t get paid for snacks” Everybody does their own thing, but you know

I had a guy touch my thigh…I have him the warning and his friend that was in the back asked him not to do that again he did it a 2nd time and I slapped the shhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyt out of him. That’s what you get for not listening to the warning the 1st time so everybody will sit in the back unless there’s 3 or more ppl. Period

I know someone of them get way comfortable with you! Like eeww first of all you’re drunk and you stink! :joy:

Nah pax can sit anywhere they want… if you don’t like it then don’t drive… get another job… end of story #sorrynotsorry

Lyft Motto: Your Friend With A Car.

I invite them to sit in the front or back, wherever they’re more comfortable, however, Lyft instructs us to offer the front seat.

Lyft is the “friendly company” treating all with kindness and respect.

Yesssss especially when it’s only 1 and I usually keep something on front seat to deter them but a few still insist. So annoying! Like can you not???:sweat_smile::joy::rofl:

Just put a dirty pair of undies up there with ya, they won’t wanna sit up there anymore even if they did.

I just got over one of the sickest colds or infection or whatever I caught I don’t wanna go through that shit again.

I had a chest cold originally… That went away right before Christmas then I got a head cold right after Christmas, got rid of that and now I’m getting a chest cold again.

well I hope you get to feeling better, I just pumped my body full of vitamin C and all sorts of vitamins I guess it helped me if all else go to the DR I know that stuff had me feeling real bad!!

I keep the doors locked until they choose the right one. Then give them a smile when they get and say Good evening