Does anyone else think it's ridiculous how our job is to drive people around

is the cost of gas per gallon and type of car your drive factor in your pay at all? And does anyone else think it’s ridiculous how our job is to drive people around yet in order to keep our job we have to provide customer service and not get bellow a 4.6 rating. If someone doesn’t rate you and just closes the ap, it brings your rating down

Your statement is completely false… if a pax doesn’t rate you it doesn’t affect you at all…

as a passenger myself sometimes, i rate some one low because of their attitude, and them getting lost, or made the wrong turn.

candies, waters, chargers are not a factor

It sucks to blame the driver when all they are doing is following the GPS

nah it’s more like gps told them to go right, but they went straight, as in they did not pay attention to the GPS.

U-hsen Li who cares about your rating ,if you were my Pax with that attitude I’ll give you 1* and I’ll make sure you see it .

So if someone is cool with you, offers you water, offers you candy, but misses. One turn, you mean to tell me that you’re going to give them less than a five-star? I believe the term for that is douche

actually, it’s reasonable, considering the one thing you’re actually being PAID TO DO is falling short. The water, candy, etc. is extra mile.

Doesn’t change the fact that if you have to rely on GPS to do this job, you shouldn’t be out here. You should know your city like the back of your hand. GPS should only be used as a helpful backup tool.

Well i guess thats what makes you so good… good for you. Keep up the good work

Yea, if you’re in a town in bum-fucked-egypt, you may know the whole town. Good luck with that in LA. And if you miss a turn, you don’t deserve 1 star…accidents happen. Certain areas have multiple lanes and the Nav may not be 100% clear…and no, I don’t miss turns…but I have. If you are nice to your pax, they will not 1 star you…now if you fuck off and go the wrong way and it creates an issue, fine. But there’s nothing wrong with going ONE BLOCK down and turning around

I agree with you! That’s why i said that GPS should be used as a helpful backup tool. But the fact remains that if you need GPS bexause you don’t know jack shit about your city, then you shouldn’t be out here.

Try rolling through phx metro area without GPS…smh

No excuse. I bet a traditional taxi driver could do it. You either know your city or you don’t. If you don’t, then you should find another profession and be prepared for low Uber ratings. smh…

Good lord, what did anyone do BEFORE gps? smh…

They had small map books. But the bottom line is, when a passenger says get me from point a to point be, you should know, at the very least, the general route into the vicinity. Of course, nobody can know all the details of every neighborhood side street.

when I first started my star rating got low one week but I had no complaints

ive had friends open the ap to try and request me as driver and have the rating screen from the last time I drove them still be up because they forgot to rate me

my rating is good now I’m just saying I don’t think we should have to be rated on us sharing our car and driving people

you should be friendly to people anyways

Why should the car you choose to drive determine how much I would pay? Should restaurants factor your income into what your meal should cost?