Does anyone else have this problem with Lyft passengers?


(Eric Moore) #41

Get quite a few as well some days its infuriating! Most of the time they cancel a second after I accept! Don’t know if there using Uber and Lyft and want the one closer!

(Jill Aron) #42

I often go ahead and go to the pickup point just to see what gives. I had one guy cancel as I was pulling into his driveway. He apologized and said his kid just woke up. So, you were gonna leave your sleeping kid at home alone?

(Jose Hernandez) #43

It’s kids that have smart phones and seeing how close you can get to their house. Sometimes they loose that game.

(Anderson Lee) #44

It has been a constant problem with both apps lately but on Lyft it happens more often! One reason is that some passengers request a pickup on both apps to see which one is closer and then cancel the farther one which is usually but not always Lyft!

(Kenneth Miller) #45

The Dumbass game “who gets here faster, Uber or Lyft”!

I think near me, there are a number of people who play that game because there aren’t going to be a lot of either in their area! I took to calling them on my way there, telling them that I was someplace they couldn’t figure out, and asking them if they call the Uber! And they say yes, I tell them that I am the Uber and I am on my way. Then I have them cancel the Uber, and wait a few minutes for me to get there, and I will make them a special deal! They think that’s great stuff, then I drive there as a Lyft, they tell me that they canceled, so I leave! They get nothing! As I’m leaving, I tell them “good luck with that Uber”! The

(Paul Garcia) #46

This is Joe. Joe requested and cancelled 4 times in a row. First request I was on the fwy heading towards DTLA. I drive over to the pickup location and he cancelled on me. I stopped to wait for the next request. It’s Joe again. I accept and Joe cancelled immediately. I wait again for the next request. It’s freaking Joe again. I accept, he cancels. I drive over to the pickup location and see Joe. I asked him hey are you Joe? You keep requesting and cancelling what’s up??? He’s like oh yeah it’s because I’m waiting for a friend but nevermind him. Let’s go. So Joe requests again and off we go. Joe is a dumbass. Don’t be like Joe.