Does anyone else have this problem with Lyft passengers?

I get within 1 minute of picking up a Lyft passenger and they cancel on me. I drove straight to the pickup location and didn’t detour at all. This last minute canceling happens on a regular basis.

It rarely if ever happens with Uber passengers.

My theory… people request on both platforms and since there are more Uber drivers then the Uber driver probably got there first or was closer.

Yea it’s annoying as hell recently that’s been happening to me on Uber too but I’m assuming they found somebody closer on lyft

Right, it’s annoying. I now turn off my app after the cancellations so I avoid another cancellation.

Here is the remedy…write down the address and. When you are about a minute away…click arrived then call them and say you are there waiting…if they are out there waiting too blame it on the GPS…this gives you the jump before they try to cancel the ride

I’ve had it happen often enough that I stopped caring. What really sucks is when you are half way back to your usual haunt and you get their request again.

One more time, the pax isn’t canceling, Lyft is routing a closer driver and doing the canceling

So there is a closer driver then one minute away? I understand that LYft is rerouting but wouldnt they do that earlier in the trip, not the last minute?

I don’t think that’s always the case! I’ve had it when I was right there at the pick up at the same time that they called

So when it says “Customer Cancelled Lyft request”. It’s not true? Redirecting to a different driver actually sends you a notice that it’s happening - I’ve never seen it show like a cancelled request

Had one cx today in my car - after waiting 5 min – she charged herself $5 – then she wanted to use my phone to call her friend … um … no …

With Lyft, the passenger has a 5 minute window to cancel after u accept and not be charged. So if I’m parked, I don’t move for two minutes. I send a text that “I’m on my way”. Then after 2 minutes or so I head out.

Oh yeah, luckily it didn’t happen cloudy to the pick up but Lyft is notorious for cancellations happen to me one time 5 times in a row but then again you have wonderful Lyft PAX in your car with good tipping attitude.

I agree. I was told that uber has a better rider app. That pax can see realtime where we are at. Lyft doesn’t tell them until we are right there and my pax say they have to cancel coz they aren’t ready. I don’t know.

No it doesn’t – just shows the driver movement- only shows the suggested route on our end

I’ve used the Lyft rider app many times and it has always shown in real time. It shows a grey line along the route they are driving all the way to me. I’ve had riders call me to ask if I’m lost if Waze takes a different route.

Any pax that tells you they don’t know where you are until you arrive is straight out lying - it updates real time movement and eta changes as you get closer and closer - I’ve used Lyft in over a dozen markets - all the same interaction

Damn why even say anything in these groups. Just a bunch of argumentative experts. I’ll stick with my local uber/lyft group thank you very much.:unamused:

That’s not true, from the minute you accept a ride request, they can see exactly where you are, the route you take, a real time estimate of when you should be there

I’ve just had the same problem. Lyft a lot give correct info for me. Luckily pax called because on his phone it was still showing that I was about 13 mins away, when I was only 3 Mins away. I’ve had nothing but problems with Lyft so I just basically do Uber.