Does anyone else drive around with a booster seat in the trunk/storage area in case you get a person with a kid?

Does anyone else drive around with a booster seat in the trunk/storage area in case you get a person with a kid? I haven’t actually used it yet, except for my own kid, but thought it would be convenient to have on hand… thoughts?

No, because if you do that, you are letting them get away with paying X rates when they should be paying for BlackWithCarSeat. Plus, now you’re running the risk of a lawsuit if something happens to the kid while in the seat that YOU provided!

I keep one. It’s my niece’s booster seat, but if someone else needed it, as long as it was the right size, I would be cool with it. There is no “Black with car seat” option in my area. It’s UberX or UberXL and that’s it. And honestly, as long as the seat meets federal specs, it’s on the manufacturer. I wouldn’t have crappy stuff for my nieces so I’m not worried about it.

apparently doesn’t know any lawyers. Early in my driving career and not really knowing the rules, allowed a mother to put a toddler on a booster seat, car seat with baby in the middle and another child on the other side. Little toddler squirmed out of the seat while I’m traveling down the freeway and the rest is history. I don’t even think twice about cancelling on mother’s who are trying to skirt the law because it’s easier for them.

there is a lot you could be sued for. Most people don’t know that child safety seats have expiration dates. They’re usually only good for 5 to 6 years, check the labels. Also, if a child safety seat has ever been in a crash, it should not be used again even it it appears okay, because the structure is compromised. And the seats must be properly installed to function correctly. Also, one size does not fit all. Seats are specific to a child’s age, weight, and height (or length for infants). If the wrong seat is used, the child could be injured. If there were an accident, those are just some of the things that you may come under scrutiny for if you provided, or installed, the equipment (child safety seat). Not worth the risks in my opinion. I would cancel on a parent or guardian if they don’t have what’s needed to safety transport their kid(s).

People have this naive notion that if they did nothing wrong they can’t get in trouble. Sadly it is the furtherest thing from the truth. You can be sued for anything, and it doesn’t have to make sense or even be true. And Lawyers will file such cases knowing that most people and insurance companies will throw some money at them to go away instead of spending far more to fight it.

but that practice is just plain stupid and opens you up to losing everything. Your insurance, Uber insurance, nobody will cover your ass the day that seat goes flying through the front windshield. If you are feeling lucky, go to Vegas.

Agreed! Tools of the trade can be used against us when they malfunction, or don’t serve intended purpose effectively. Major considerations as a real estate broker. BYOBS/CS… *booster seat/car seat. And make sure the parents do the buckling.

If they have a baby or kid that’s not appropriately sized for my seat, yes. I will cancel on them just like I do the groups of 5 or 6 that order UberX and want to pack in the back of my truck and double-buckle. I’m not taking that risk for an Uber ride where I’m making probably only $3-10! Not worth risking getting a ticket or worse.

Unless you plan on canceling once you arrive which reflects your percentage/regardless of your reason… Why not avoid wasting time (explaining to uber why you cancelled) and avoid driving around only to cancel; when you can already have a seat which you use anyway.
Its an added bonus; why try to talk yourself out of it

While you are here please tell me how do you know who you are picking up before you get there and how is driving improperly restrained children ( against the law in all 50 ) for a chance at making $5 makes it all worthwhile ? If your vehicle is paid for and you are on a good multiple vehicle insurance plan, and you work morning rush / puke shift only, then you may make a dent.

Well the booster I have my kid uses, it’s a booster, not a car seat. Booster seats don’t attach. They are for lifting a kid up so a seat belt straps to them correctly. In my state kids up to 100 lbs or 11 years old are required to sit in a booster.

Exactly. Tell that to some mom that says “Other Uber drivers do!” And not nicely, obnoxiously. Then report you to for being racist. They automatically suspended me and it too 3 days to clear up. I had no recourse.

i can already hear it in my head…accident happens and car seat wasnt safe parents to cops: “that isn’t our car seats its that uber drivers car seat. he/she let us use it and we had no idea that it was recalled” LAWSUIT. the car seats i have only belong to my kids. nobody else’s. I’ve had a few ask if i had a car seat. i always said its not my responsibility and then i cancel the ride.

No chance It’s not my business what other drivers choose to do but I really wish they wouldn’t provide safety seats for lazy irresponsible parents . It’s amazing how so many parents have little to no regard for their kids safety

One accident. If that child is injured, everything is brought into question. Are you trained & certified to correctly install the seat? You have to realize you are being paid, so the amount of responsibility quadruples. If you are taking on more than Uber requires, there’s nothing in the TOS to protect you. I had a lawyer pax who told me every which way I would get sued if something were to happen…

I guess if they choke on a mint or shock themselves on a phone charger or are allergic to your air freshener, you would be sextuple responsible. Really? Do you really think that if a plane goes down because of a drunk/drugged pilot, the airline is not held responsible because the airline prohibits drinking by pilots in a TOS?

Unforeseeable versus foreseeable. Not sure what your argument is, sir. If you take on a responsibility, you are responsible should something go awry. Even if you say “Hey, I have a booster/car seat”, you now become an expert in the eyes of the consumer. You don’t think Uber’s lawyers will come after you for negligence? I don’t know what world you’re living in…

I don’t normally, but I did happen to have one and I used it. I know how to put a carseat in and if someone sues me over it, I’m willing to take that risk. So those of you that want to say that is dumb, you have no balls

The respondent who advised to not is correct it is a big liability we are not professionals meaning trained but the judge would rule against us this is a very serious issue they get loose in the car especially in an accident we could be held criminally charged no baby or booster seat no ride period we get the ticket and liability a 25 lb child is a projectile and may die the 11 air bags won’t help I have 3 rows of seats 6 PAX ones got side seat and window drop downs