Does anyone else drive around with a booster seat in the trunk/storage area in case you get a person with a kid?

I have a 5 point convertible seat for my two kids and I’ve had to use them several times but also had to inform customers they wouldn’t be able to find a ride back without proper child seats. They always schedule me at that point to come back and get them.

1 how do you set up return pick ups? 2nd I’ve got zero space no trunk and will not put a seat or box on my car roof I "play oh the idea this is an XL luxury car/ ride and less about children the ones I’ve picked up or not due to no car seat were drunk
Parents that now become obligated to take their children home
This behaviors is all too familiar to me when I had that experience almost every weekend of my life from birth age
Forward to teenage years

I asked Uber about car seats. They said that if I didn’t feel comfortable to just tell the pax and cancel the ride. Send a report to Uber on why you cancelled and it will not count against you. You are the one responsible for the child being put in the correct seat not providing it. That’s Florida law. Not sure about anywhere else

No, I don’t provide child seats. Too much liability. Most people don’t know that child safety seats have expiration dates. They’re usually only good for 5 to 6 years, check the labels. Also, if a child safety seat has ever been in a crash, it should not be used again even it it appears okay, because the structure is compromised. And the seats must be properly installed to function correctly. Also, one size does not fit all. Seats are specific to a child’s age, weight, and height (or length for infants). If the wrong seat is used, the child could be injured. If there were an accident, those are just some of the things that you may come under scrutiny for if you provided, or installed, the equipment (child safety seat). Not worth the risks in my opinion. I would cancel on a parent or guardian if they don’t have what’s needed to safety transport their kid(s). Safety first, always.

Also, if you’re carrying extra seats in your trunk, where are your passengers going to place their luggage on airport runs?

I was considering getting one, but if the child is under 40 lbs then infant to 2 or 3 yrs then that’s one seat, over age and size a booster seat.

Now take one moment and think of humanity, especially in the USA.

Worse case senario the unthinkable. A horrible accident, you are not at fault. However, other driver at fault either uninsured or underinsured motorist… Oops, passenger and her child severely injured, child critical condition, dies of injuries 3 days later…

Remember this was not your fault … What do you think will happen next???

One guess…

I’ll tell you in a single word.


THIS WOMAN, and if she doesn’t survive, any heirs, will sue you, Uber, and anyone else that her lawyer can hold responsible.

Sorry, but that’s the reality.

I’ve decided I’m not willing to take a risk the seat fails, child gets injured… I don’t want to even install for parent if they provide due to liability.

I drive a Prius C, if I’m going to provide seating for up to four other people, there’s no room for me to carry around a spare child seat. Besides, it is the parents’ responsibility, not mine. I never ever, take a kid when they don’t have a child seat. So I have to refuse the occasional ride, much better than every single ride being impacted just by me being ready for someone else’s shortfall of responsibility.

If a child get hurt or killed, you’re responsible. There are age, height and weight requirements for car seats and it’s not one size fits all.
If you put a child in a car seat they have outgrown or too small for, you can seriously hurt or kill someone’s child. NOT WORTH IT

Had request today. Pull up it’s a man, his wife, and a small child ( 2 or so). Their car had been towed from the beach. Their car seat was in it. They wanted me to take them all to the place the car was at. It was only a few miles away. I explained to them I couldn’t take them all because I didn’t have a car seat, not to mention the pick up spot was right in front of four deputies doing nothing but looking for something to do. I explained the dilemma to them, luckily they agreed with me and didn’t argue about it. I suggested that I would take the man to the car and he would come back for the others.

Anyone who continues to say that using your own car seat does not make them liable. Is choosing to be a purposeful idiot. Go to your. Gov site. And educate yourself.

They are the most recalled , have an expiration date , should never be a hand me down or used, and once the carseat has been an accident it is no longer usable.

Don’t be so short-sighted for chump change