Does anyone drive a fusion?

Can I ask a question.does anyone drive a fusion.because I’m curious to see where y’all put drinks and chips and other stuff you give out to your passengers.because I don’t have room that I can use.unless I’m just not thinking outside the box enough.

Get Cargo and they send you a box which fits perfectly on the armrest and still let’s you put your arm there.

Lmao, I’m not a freaking food service, im a ride share. I have NEVER had a PAX say “where are the snacks and water?? How dare you not have snacks!”

I was going to do snacks but then said nope I don’t need someone choking especially the drunks.

You have to do a little mod with padding to keep water in the side doors in the back.

I have a chevy impala no middle console or cup holders in back my pax get nothing but a few jokes and a laughs and a nice safe ride

Can I ask a question. Are you giving people rides or operating a sandwich shop?

Hmm didn’t you learn manners no need to be rude . I seen a lot of people doing uber giving out water and other things on here .even uber has it on there video I watch

so what if people want to spend THEIR money on whatever they want? You don’t see me bitching at people who smoke, drink, gamble, etc… All of those things I consider flushing money down the toilet. If someone wants to be selfless and buy something that might make someone else’s day a little bit brighter, that is entirely their own perogative and should not be subject to scrutiny…

I was pointing out how dumb it is to say “tax deductable” as if that somehow makes it a financially responsible decision.

If she wants to waste her money on snacks then she can be my guest. That doesn’t make it a good idea.

What? Don’t give any shit out to anyone. Give a ride, that’s it! Damn people, what are you thinking?

I drive a Kia Soul. I don’t give anything to my passengers and I have the room for it lol

None of that shit is necessary. Please don’t waste your time or money. I promise, pax want a clean quiet ride. Pax tell me stories about the dbags with all of the crap and laugh at them so…

I drive a sienna van so I have plenty of room for it, but I don’t give out shit. My van is brand new and don’t want it destroyed, plus uber/Lyft doesn’t pay enough to give anything but a ride to passengers.

why are you thinking to give things out? If it’s for tips, I’ve never seen anybody benefit in any substantial way. It was for your rating that is 100% unnecessary and will actually backfire sometimes. You give people free stuff and then they start expecting it from everybody else. After two plus years of doing this I only offer in charger, I don’t even offer water I have a 4.92 on Uber and that got better after I stopped worrying about it and I have a 4.9 on Lyft.

Uber and Lyft used to charge $2 a mile and the drivers used to net $1.80 to $1.60 per mile, back then it made sense now it makes zero sense.

I don’t drive a fusion but just keep water and mints! Mints in the doors and water in pouch behind seats!

I now have a fusion and I was putting the water behind the seats and candy/mints on the door. But I’m no longer waisting my money on ungrateful passengers. I have been providing it for almost 2 years. No more!

why don’t you put the chips in your bank account? There’ll be extra room in there because of all the money you wasted on chips and “other stuff.”

I had a 2016 Ford Fusion and I kept a small cooler in the front seat of the car if it wasn’t there and I had four passengers then it went in the trunk don’t overdo what you’re going to give them cuz they don’t appreciate it just a small bottle of water and some can’t hard candies in a cup is fine

Go to uhaul, and have them install a 1 inch receiver on the rear of your car, then buy a rack that you can attach to the hitch.

Bungie cord a cooler to it… presto!!! Your In business