Do you necessarily have to have knickknacks (snacks) and drinks like water items in your vehicle?

Last month, someone robbed me of $203.00 out of my bank account out of nowhere without my knowledge. I never shared my personal information, and I was asleep at home in College Park, Ga. How am I going to express to my pax that I cannot afford to get those ítems right now when my soon to be former bank placed a no debit on my account? I even had a direct deposit from my other job put in. Although I pleaded my case to the bank, my claim is denied! The only thing I can afford is my upcoming bankruptcy and my car cover seat purchase. All others will have to wait!

You don’t need that stuff. Be nice, drive safely, keep your car clean, don’t get lost and never discuss politics or religion. You’ll be fine and you’ll save money.

Any diver not offering water is clearly losing money…same as throwing $10-$30 out the window each shift…

I don’t offer a thing but the ride and make out fine when I work. And I know people who are full time drivers and only offer the ride and make really good money.

what is the point in leaving a comment reply that has nothing to do with the point being discussed? I don’t care if a driver is making $1 million a year driving, if they aren’t offering water to passengers, they are missing out on $10-$30 each shift…thus, somebody earning $100-$200 a shift, as the typical driver does, hates money if they choose to not offer water…it’s a fact…

I did water for 2 weeks and nothing for 2 weeks. Drove the same hours in the same locations and nothing changed with my pay. I now just give them a smile, great conversation, and a clean safe ride.

I’ve been offering water all along. Pretty sure it hasn’t paid for itself in tips. In fact, both people who took water last week, failed to tip.
Meanwhile, I got some really nice tips from folks who appreciated save driving, a spotless vehicle and a friendly driver. Your results may vary.

If someone complains you can simply say I just got tired of people not taking their half drank water bottles with them or leaving their trash on my floor.

Have you had anyone complain?

I only keep a charger in my car and most of my pax are surprised I even have that much

Sorry to hear that. Those items are not necessary. I have provided them in the past and it never converted to any extra tips. I still offer mints but it’s simply a courtesy.

I do not offer anything but a clean car and good conversation (if desired). I’m not a convenience store!

You are a driver getting peeps safely from a to b you are not a concession stand. Drive safe, be nice be vigilant, plain and simple

Pool - ride from a-b nothing more.
X- ride from a-b conversation listen to the radio heat and ac if you want.
Xl- x for more people
Select- x plus bottled water maybe snacks
Black- all the above and a steak dinner if your going more than 60 mins.

Anyone that doesn’t offer free water literally hates the easiest money a driver can make…a $3 case of water ALWAYS pays for itself plus profits…ALWAYS! Do the $2-$5 tips state that they tipped $5 instead of $1 or $0 because of the water?? No! But, clearly we know that’s the case…
A driver that doesn’t offer water…hates money!

Depends on your market. I’m in a college town and the entitled little pecker heads don’t care.

I’m in Phoenix so water bottles have been my best bet. I have Starbursts back there too but no ones ever touched them (except me) lol.

FOH! I’m not offering anything to anyone aside from a safe ride and maybe some conversation. It’s extra trash being left in your car more often than someone actually tipping. People who want to tip will tip and those who don’t want to tip simply won’t.

I was responding to Nate Forrest that it’s the easiest money… I keep water in my trunk and would only offer it on a long ride. Otherwise, greet them with a smile, safe and accurate ride. No need for candy and all the other crap

I don’t provide anything but conversation and a safe ride. And I do fineSolution. Family Dollar store $2 case of small bottle of waters. 6 to 12 pack and the small $1 bags of candies non chocolate. Gas station $1 worth of .20 cent suckers and your guess will be happy and so will your pockets

It’s a rideshare service, not a mobile refreshment stand. I provide nothing more than a ride from point A to point B. I used to have waters when I first started but people would take one or two sips and then leave the still full bottles rolling around on the floors or in the cup holders in the door. So wasteful and it’s not like they tipped any extra for my efforts, so I figured fuck em. I don’t even allow them to use my aux outlet unless they bring their own now.