Do you necessarily have to have knickknacks (snacks) and drinks like water items in your vehicle?

Fuck these pax girl. They aren’t your kids. I used to provide a full breakfast but now I only offer a charger an bomb conversation w an international playlist of the hottest songs in their respective languages. Tips have not decreased one bit. Keep your money an give them convo an music. $12 tip on a $2.62 ride is the type of shit I’m talking about.

Not required!

I keep my vehicle clean and have a charging cable in the back. I ask about their air conditioning and music preferences. Most of the time the passengers are surprised I even have a charging cable.

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Where do you all keep this stuff you offer? I keep a couple bottles of water and a charging cable with three different connection types. I only offer the water o long trips or when picking g up at the airport. I don’t see a convenient place to keep more than that

Water just for prime time riders :3
No charger
No candies

Been doing this 4 years. My ratings are good. I don’t provide anything but a phone charger and a safe ride.

I furnish small bottles of water, lifesaver mints, and phone chargers upon request. Keep the phone chargers hidden or they walk away! Don’t have to furnish anything…and most pax don’t ask for anything.

Like everyone else said. Just give the ride be nice and make that money. You don’t need to do extra people appreciate the ride.

I found that providing those things makes no difference in tips.
People really care about getting a safe, efficient ride, in a clean car, from a polite/friendly driver.

That being said, I still provide peppermint candies. Because I like peppermint candies