Do I have the right to ask for ID in this situation?

I asked a PAX if she was 18. She said yes. I asked really? She said yes and this was all on my camera. Do I have the right to ask for ID? She was border line 18 looking but hard to tell… what ever that is…She asked me why and I told here about unaccompanied Minor . I took her to her location.

California state law says you must carry an ID when you are 18.
17 year old high school kids know to lie to the Uber driver because their parents said it’s okay.

If the highway patrol pulls you over and asks you: Do you know who your person is and how old are they? … What is your excuse for transporting a minor?

Uber will not back you up which is why they added a cancellation button for underage minor.

Both Uber and Lyft will not cover collision insurance if you are breaking the law with an underage minor. Please feel free to contact then and they will tell you the same thing.

It’s against TOS to provide rides to unaccompanied minors everywhere. Same thing applies as far as insurance goes.

I had a girl that told me she was 16 on Lyft. I cancelled the trip and explained why. Do you know they sent another car?

It takes a while to process the underage minor button to then send letters to the parents. It is not an immediate process.

I ask and point to the dash cam and remind them their answer is recorded. You can ask for ID but there is nothing that requires them to produce it.

Just ask. If she’s lying and it’s on camera, you’re fine. You’re not having sex with her. You’re giving her a ride.

I kicked a young 14 ish guy out of my car after explaining it’s against the law. He kept saying “Really?” Id say “yeah”, he said “Really?” Id say “yeah .” We did this like 8 times. Finally he said “Really.” I said “Get out now.” And turned my head towards the back with a wicked looking “ GTFO or else” smile. He got out really quick.

The little shits know you might not take them, so they sneak up behind the car in a hoodie and try to slip in without a good look at them.

I either read on someone’s post or I had received an email (I have to look for it) (it’s been a few months) but I think I’d said that you ask for ID and if they insist they are 18 then take them and then report it to them (think it was Uber) that you believe the Pax was under 18.

One time I had a friend ask me to pick her 14 year old up from school because she knew that unaccompanied minors can’t ride Uber. I didn’t even need to tell her that, she knew. And she knew I was an Uber driver but I did that ride for free.
I’m sure the law is different if the kid is a friend’s daughter than if it’s an Uber passenger.

If there is an accident, you would have to explain to your personal insurance that you are transporting a friend. That would be then be between you and your personal insurance.

Always feel free to contact Uber and Report the suspicion that they may or may not have been 18. Feel free to demand that their high school ID must have their birthdate. Please note that children 16 years old may be working at Walmart.

If both Uber and Lyft will not back us up with collision insurance then just don’t pick up minors.

The biggest question that I have not yet found an answer from either company: “Does transporting a minor also negate the coverage for the adults in a carpool?”

I don’t really worry about minors where I am from, it’s hard to get reliable transportation when parents both have to work etc., I know they’re safe in my car so I’d rather get them safely to whether they’re going than cancel the ride leaving them stranded while trying to get another Lyft. If they’re over 16 I’m not worried. If they were little children that would be very different tho.

you are uninsured when you do that. You may feel like you are giving a service, but in reality if something goes wrong the child is not covered by any insurance. It’s an abuse that the rid-share companies are ignoring in the name of fine print. I’m a very free market kinda guy, but this issue is a big one. You may feel like you are the perfect driver and nothing will ever happen, but mark my words there are people just like you that are ruined over this issue, so you have to calculate what is for the greater good.

people like you fuck it up for the rest of us. When you get in a accident with a minor or you get caught dont come out here bitching because you got shut off and cant support your family. People like you who dont follow rules fuck the rest of us over with new rules and higher insurance rates! SAB!

The million-dollar Uber and Lyft policies for collision insurance do not cover unattended minors. Please call Uber and get a straight answer.

I’d fight it because there’s no sure way to know their ages because it’s not my job to check id’s. It’s not often that I ever get those anyways.

The insurance b.s. is crap for timeshare drivers as w are stl using our own car and our personal insurance wants to exclude coverage while working which is wrong imo.

Wtf. It’s like saying I’m gonna drive thru the red light, even though it’s against the rule to do so, I just think the rule is dumb so I’m gonna do it anyways since there is no cars near by. You sound ridiculous asf you know that Smh