Do drivers do Backdoor Uber?

Today a passenger asked me if I did back door uber… had no idea what it was until she explained it… basically working offline getting 100% of the ride fair, accepting cash or card… how do you guys feel about this??

I think a lot of people in this group feel like they’re getting back doored by Uber.

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So you think it’s a good idea?? Lol

I didn’t say that. Did I?

In NYC you’d have your tlc license and car taken away

Los Angeles too. And you go to jail.

If you don’t have commercial insurance and aren’t registered as a transportation company with your local or state government you would be considered a gypsy cab and violating law and your insurance policy.

Current city I work in has no TLC and after asking the police lieutenant here its basically if you get in a wreck have fun with the insurance company.

Rideshare isn’t typically regulated by the TLC we are regulated under TNC Laws most states have these now

Operating an unlicensed business, driving people around with no insurance, is a good way to lose everything.

Not everywhere has business license requirements

But there requirements for running a transport business and I believe insurance is required by law across the US now.

ere in Iowa the only licensing requirement is a chauffeurs endorsement on a driver’s license which is a matter of walking in and paying a fee if you haven’t had any tickets and purchasing commercial insurance which isn’t super expensive but this state requires 1m/1m/1m coverage… 1 million…

You are covered under the taxi laws. Taxis in every state have to be properly registered with local or state authorities.

Right. No reason not to do that. You’re just running your own business at that point. The original post seemed to me to be more about just doing it under the table.

Companies under a certain number of vehicles have zero licensing in Iowa. In fact our airport recently cut back on companies allowed to operate there for this reason

Iowa driver will full class d license what other Anderson is saying is true.

Know your asking to be shafted 8 ways to Sunday if your in a wreck but legally in Iowa Des Moines and Iowa city specifically there are no regulations on single cab companies and you actually can’t even register one since there is no TLC

@anderson they would still have an insurance requirement. I’m just saying there are some steps. You can’t legally just start doing it, you have to do some sort of planning.

I haven’t done it I’m just saying I could I’ve gone offline and given a free ride to somebody who didn’t have any money and was stranded but it would still be handled the same way as if it was a neighbor

If you weren’t a Rideshare driver… then that could be the possibility.

But you are… so no court or insurance company is going to buy it.

  1. It illegal
  2. Call ANY insurance company and just ask if they cover a driver who drives for Uber/Lyft… the answer is NOPE.

I do private hire service off the Uber platform but I have my own Commercial Insurance and license.