Do drivers do Backdoor Uber?

So it’s illegal now because I drive for profit even when I’m not online to give somebody a ride and then give me gas money? Seriously asking???

I mean someone I know

Every new years eve I would rent a bunch of cars in addition to the cars I was already running.

Those who drove the rental cars did all the trips completely free of charge… sometimes passenger would tip, sometimes not.

When contacting ALL the insurances companies they all said the same thing.

If ANY money is given to the driver AT ALL it’s considered commercial use and no claim will be covered… the policy is void.

There is no gray area.

@audrina look at it this way. You can of course give rides to people you know, friends or whatever. That’s an established contact. A neighbor, a co worker, a friend. Like if a friend had surgery, you can take them anywhere. When you go against the TOS and give someone whom has no established relationship to you; You open up the potential for issues. You couldn’t go into court and prove a connection.

If you’re giving out rides at you say are for your “friends” and something happened… I guarantee you they will give you up in court vs risking perjury.

I’ve actually seen it happen to a friend of mine.

If you really want to give rides out and collect a larger some you what you need to do is look into going legit.

No it’s not that at all I got confused when it was stated that I could never give anybody a ride if they offered me money anybody meaning including people I know I don’t really give people I don’t know rides for money if I don’t know them and I see them stranded I’ll take them to a destination where they can get help for no fee and that’s it

Everybody is stranded!

It’s also illegal in many states to pick up anyone who may be hitchhiking

What city do you live in?

No I mean just like yesterday there was a lady at a gas station with her two-year-old son and she was crying because her parents I just kicked her out so I gave her a ride to a women’s shelter. I just don’t want to find out that being kind can get me put in jail. know what I mean?

I live in Indianapolis.

Yeah, I get that… but you are at an elevated risk that no judge is gonna buy what you’re telling them due to you driving Rideshare. The odds are stacked against you.

Any driver who does get busted WILL have a story try thing the judge will believe… the judge will be expecting one.

Did that women have a child seat?

Indianapolis… ok, depending on the county that you’re driving in you may only need a business license and a permit with commercial insurance and then you can operate your own business… , then you convert your Uber and Lyft passengers into your own private clientele and I’ll pay you more.

That’s what I do.

Just a heads up if your interested. I had full comprehensive insurance on my 16 Jeep Cherokee. $105 a month. Decided to play it safe. Don’t want an accident to cost me everything. Called Geico. They have a commercial policy specifically covering Uber & Lyft. Every state and person is different obviously. But might be something to look into. Now I’m paying $172 a month for my personal & commercial on the vehicle. $72 extra to be totally covered

All of these people talking about “accidents” must be terrible drivers, or think everyone else is. Only in an at-fault accident would a driver be liable in any way for a passenger. One would hope that people who can’t drive aren’t stupid enough to do this job.

I can tell you’ve never driven in south Florida.