Do any of y’all allow your PAX To drink alcohol in your car?

I know it’s illegal, but I had an encounter with a gentleman last night over the issue.

Pick up was at a dive bar. I see someone approaching my car with a beer bottle in hand so I don’t unlock the doors. He knocks on my window and says “You uber?” And I said “yes, is the bottle opened?”. He replies “yes, but I only live down the street.”. So I told him that it is against the law for there to be an open container in the vehicle, but I would be happy to wait for him to finish his beer. He says that he never had an issue before and other drivers allowed him to drink.

I then repeated myself and the dude ended up cussing me out and I ended up getting paid for parking my car for 5 minutes.

What say you?

I deal with this daily… dump or chug it

I would say it depends on the state laws. Open container state why not?

It was your call. Not everyone does things like a robot. It’s what makes the world go around. Your rights are your car your rules. I think I would have taken him but not let him sit up front. If he was real drunk I would not have taken him with the bottle. Also depends on the ride time. One thing… if he was waving the bottle around so the world saw him with it… no way. I hope I didnt confuse the matter too much.:clown_face:

Just want to say it’s not illegal everywhere. My state doesn’t have any open container laws whatsoever but a couple of cities do. The cities I drive don’t.

My state allows open container, with the exception of Ride Share. I have to argue this with riders all the time.

People do this shit all the time. Like sarah said dump or chug. I’m pretty understanding when it comes to a lot of things but when they get in my car with open container I look at them like “are you stupid?” Like come on.

I had this encounter on St, Paddy’s Day here in Myrtle Beach. Not only did the pax attempt to get into my car with an open beer, but he did so right in front of a county police officer. When I advised the pax of the law, he said it was HIS problem, not mine. Fortunately, the officer strolled over and advised the pax that it was, in fact MY problem, and it would be MY ticket if I started to drive with him having an open container. Since open container law here in SC CAN include a trip to jail, (officer’s discretion) the pax finally relented.

I get this one a lot. I have a CDL and tell people I am not willing to loose it for their drink. Most people understand. Some argue, I will not take them though if they have an open drink. I also had someone sneak a beer in, he passed out and it spilled all over the floor in my back seat. I couldn’t drive for 3 days due to the smell

And the bitch of that is you can’t see any spillage on your seats or your floors so you can send pics to uber and get a cleaning fee unless you have light colored upholstery and carpet.

I’ve had someone crack a beer then crush the can and leave it under my seat. And had no idea

That’s an easy one … NOPE

Sad how people driving for rideshares become so eager to please or afraid of bad ratings to even consider breaking the law or making dangerous decisions to avoid a perfect asshole stranger to demean them or lose their licence. Riding with you in your car is a privilege and should be respected. Respect yourself enough to be safe. You will not be supported if this pax complains or accuses you of drinking to save 10 dollars.

Smart! Same with me do it all the time dump it or drink it.

Just like the driver isn’t automatically charged with possession if something is found in the vehicle

In California you are :joy:. You could be charged with possession if someone is found in someone else.

Open container doesn’t apply to drivers being paid for rides in certain states. Got to check the laws.

:sunglasses::+1:t6: MY CAR My RULES! No ! Alcohol ! No Smoking ! #straight #talk

I’ve had the same thing happen to me and I did exactly what you did. Was picking up a man/woman from a motel. As soon as I left the motel I got a another ping (different pax, same motel). When leaving the motel with new pax, saw the original couple actually getting into another Uber. Sure hope that Uber driver doesn’t get stopped, its not worth $3.03!

Cancel. I had that same thing and the dick gave me a one star rating