Disgusting Uber Driver Taught a Lesson

London, UK: iIt's not enough that Uber is under the London Transport Association scrutiny and is facing a complete ban from driving within the city limits. Now an Uber driver has to show the ugly face of rideshare driving, even with all the background checks and sex office screening, a few bad eggs get through.

Suleiman Abdirizak, the 42-year-old Uber driver, is accused of sexual abuse by placing the penis into the mouth of sleeping passengers during his UberPool ride. This is not the whole story, it seems that Abdirizak picked up his passenger from outside a bar in London, the victim fell asleep in the back of the car, and when she woke up, she noticed the route was not what it should be. Asking the driver what was happening, Abdirizak told her it was an UberPool route, to which the passenger fell asleep again.

She was rudely awoken by the feeling of Abdirizak's penis entering her mouth; it seems that Abdirizak had pushed his junk into her mouth twice before she managed to tell him "You don't want to be doing that because I am HIV positive'." Abdirizak was in shock and started to wash his penis and mouth with water.

During the court hearing, the victim stated that Abdirizak asked her 'I will drive you home if you suck my dick' to which she responded 'I am sure you are a nice guy, but you don't want to sleep with me. I have had HIV for five years'. The victim told Snaresbrook Crown Court that she lied about her health to make sure the rapist stayed away from her.

…and yet another “dickhead” that has to ruin the name of Uber for everyone else.

Damn girl, why couldn’t you really have AIDS and f-k up that a-holes life properly. My advice to all lady passengers, get hold of a syringe of HIV blood and keep it as security. If some a-hole driver tries something funny, jab him. Yee-haw!