Discuss politics when a rider brings it up

Do you guys discuss politics when a rider brings it up? I had a rider bring up politics in my car yesterday and I expressed a view he apparently disagreed with so reported my comments as discriminatory, which they were not. Do you shut down political convos in your car. How do you handle similar situations?

I absolutely avoid the topic of politics and usually religion. If I do say anything, I tell them I didn’t like either of our options during the presidential election and let them guide the conversation. I can usually find something non-committal that I can agree with them on, regardless of which side of the fence they stand, but I do my best to avoid it and change the subject when it does come up. I have strong opinions and in a touristy area, I run across people from all over the country and even other countries. It makes it hard to judge where a person stands.

I just pretend that I agree with their views. I’m a Trump supporter, but if they start talking about hillary and hating Trump, I’ll make some jokes about Trump and engage in convo about hillary.

I let them talk and pretend like I don’t have a mind of my own. I have a day job where I enter people’s homes on a daily basis and already learned this trick. I noticed most people don’t actually care what you think. They just want to rattle on about what they think. So you just use little tricks to keep them talking. Before you know it, you have dropped them off, they think you had a great conversation, you barely said a thing, and you can decompress for a minute from whatever they said that you disagree with… and then on to the next one.

I’ve talked about politics when it’s brought up either by me or the rider and most riders appreciate my point of view and vice versa. It all depends how you word it and if it’s based on facts or fake news. I’ve even received a few great conversation badge compliments on my ratings. Having a degree in political science might of help.

In Virginia there is an avenue called Robert E. Lee Avenue, named after the confederate leader. The rider was concerned they may change the name. I said I don’t care whether they change it or not. Virginia is an interesting state because it’s become less southern because of immigration and liberals from D.C. which borders Virginia moving to the state. There’s an area called Northern Virginia which is making the state a blue state. Some Southerners in Virginia are unhappy about it. It’s a sensitive topic here in the DC VA area.

Sounds like they were trying to bait you. When it comes to politics, I simply tell the person that I stay out of politics, then I quickly change the subject to the weather or sports, depending on the person.

That right there is exactly why everything is so touchy these days. Being neutral on something as innocuous as a street sign will make the pro and anti-people alike upset.

No politics. At all. Even when a Trump hater starts going on about how horrible he is and I truly agree, I STILL don’t engage. It’s just not productive and nowhere near professional.

Right on I am just glad that so far my line and pool passengers that have talked to each other have been very friendly. I think my worst nightmare doing this job would be to have polar opposite’s in my backseat arguing about Politics. I think just for my own sanity I would have to start blaring the music.

When ever religion or politics or even a topic I do not want to discuss.

I let them know that my #1 uber rule is not to discuss {insert topic here}. They usually understand the boundary I am setting.

If you know you don’t agree with them on it try to change the subject. Its hard to fake it, as politics is so polarizing these days. Talk about your family and all them family about theirs. You can talk about sports or movies. If you are driving Lyft you can talk about all the f’up Uber news. There are lots of topics that won’t be divisive.

I picked up a man and a woman at the Reno Airport one time and had to drive them an hour away Lake Tahoe. The man started in immediately bashing the president and the people who voted for him. He said that if it were not for all of the people in flyover country this country might have made something of itself. They said it was unfortunate that all of the black people were going to be locked up and tortured. He was really really sad about how all of the Mexican children were going to be rounded up at gunpoint and forced back to their home countries. He thinks that trailer trash white people and he’s white person are to blame for all that is wrong on planet Earth. He said that their power and influence was obviously too great and that they should lose their ability to vote until they make at least $100,000 a year. He said you should also have to go to college preferably one on the west or east coast or in Europe just so you understand the realities of the world. His wife stayed quiet. I stayed quiet as well I kind of chuckled here in there. I realized there was no way anybody could ever reach this man. He was truly terrified for the future the president had been on office maybe 4 months at this point. I don’t ever forget that trip because I thought that those people were really just a figment of my imagination LOL apparently they are real. Since that I’ve met several others who actually think those things. They really don’t like people who are not like them. Davis series hatred for people who are not college educated liberals. I’ve been to college many times but never been able to finish because of had Working Class People problems somehow my white privilege just didn’t get me across the gate LOL. So yeah I try to avoid politics with my passengers. They’re probably insane one way or the other

Without a doubt, my most enjoyable conversations as a driver have been about political news and figures. And frequently, the result is a $5-$10 tip. I follow political news very closely and the selected passengers I share my observations with usually appreciate the informed perspective.

The best reactions I get are from visiting millennials who are shocked and relieved to discover a hardcore senior liberal in this glowing red state.

One asset of aging is that experience guides how to read strangers and when NOT to talk about some things. It also helps in recognizing when particular conversational doors may be ready for entering.

Sure, I’ve misread and stumbled a few times, but consistent averaged ratings of 4.9 or higher indicate it works well for me. And it sure makes my job more enjoyable!

That’s pretty awesome! Unfortunately I have been convinced that I subscribe to “wrongthink” so losing a job over what I think is too possible for comfort. So I say nothing.

First I’m not into politics to begin with. When they bring it up I tell them that. Sometimes they try to push it and sometimes they dont

I just lie and pretend to agree with everything they’re saying…

If they don’t get the hint that I don’t wanna discuss politics, I do the same thing.
I’ll probably never see them again and money is more important :slight_smile:

My first rating as a “3” was over politics. If the rider wants to talk about it, agree with them and ask them questions so THEY do all the talking! My advice did not help me, but this is what I would do again, if I had to!

If they are liberal like me, I will engage. If not, I tell them I’d rather not talk about politics.