Discouraged about ubering

I just joined this page and it has me discouraged about ubering. I’m wondering does ANYBODY like it? I’m over here thinking this is great as a second job most weeks making what I consider decent money than I come here to learn more and feel like what I’m making ain’t crap. I mean I have my restriction on my comfortabilty but damn maybe I’m not as good as I though. Looking for positive feedback.

Where are ya driving? Are you in north jersey or south jersey?

What you make is pretty subjective when comparing to others. If your car is fuel efficient its not as bad, etc. Keep all receipts and a mileage log for tax time.

Its not a great “job” per se but for a side hustle it ain’t bad.

Ignore the requests that are far away from you. Unless it has a high surge dont bother. You’ll figure out the best places and times after awhile.

And if you should forget to keep all receipts you can use other reasonable records as per IRS rules like bank statements

U are feeding off of experience drivers and stories that they go through don’t be discouraged the money can be great it’s up to u to put in the effort and yes it’s great as a second job when u start driving u will have your own crazy stories to tell relax and make money

Explain how .64 mile is great money. This is why uber and lyft get away of paying us pennies. Great was $2 mile back 3 yrs ago

I assume that most ppl on here don’t tell the whole story sometimes. It’s fine work. You have to give yourself some time to learn it. Then you can make it work for you. Below are some things that work for me.
I live in Paterson and drive a corolla so I’m in the Uber x/pool category. I do it full time.

  1. I accept my first request from home.
  2. I don’t pursue any bonuses or chase any surges. However, if I end up in a bonus area or the surge seems legit due to a special event, then I’m going to strike while the getting is good.
    3)I only drive during traditionally high demand times. So I usually split my shifts into 4hr blocks.
    4)Pick ups more than 2 miles away are declined. If I wind up in the middle of nowhere I reposition myself.
    5)I only run one app at a time mostly Uber.
    I’ve been at it 6 months. Averaging 48 hrs a week, $700 after all expenses (except car depreciation) and a 4.9 rating. So I’m content with it.

Don’t even listen to the negative chatter. In all that there are some positive things to take away from people and the experiences they share.
I am a part time driver and I think I do fairly well. It’s just a way to supplement my income so my approach is realistic.
Think some people expect to make a fortune each time they go out. They nickle and time the breakdown of each ride and are pissed that the “company” is making more than they are.

Sit down fig cost , expenses , pay ur self . Explain how anything positive ? Uber and lyft are a loan. Thats all it is. Facts arent negative. I know you want rainbows and 2nd place trophies. Dont work like that in the real world. Facts are you avg .64 mile. Good luck making money.

I love doing uber/lyft. I would never do it full time however unless if I was job less. But with my career, HVAC, being extremely seasonal dependent I find it as a good source of extra income. The experiences I’ve had ushering have been for the most part positive. You meet cool people, you meet nasty people, it’s like working retail customers. One piece of advice, when you drive, keep track of ALL your miles while online in the uber app, not just trip miles. It’ll save you come tax time. Give it a try, if you like it, keep on driving, if not then at least you tried

One more thing. Pool rides are not bad. You get paid the same rate as Uber x. Uberpool even gives you a little extra for additional pick ups, something that lyft line does not. Pool riders are not more or less rude than Uber x riders. Sometimes people need to be reminded that their poop stinks just like every one elses and that common courtesy and respect go a long way.

It’s not as bad as ppl make it seem but you do wanna learn where it’s effective to drive…I live on sj and do most of my driving in philly…They usually have surges and I usually barely have a distance to go in between rides…plus the only stories you’re gonna find online are usually the nightmare stories…out of almost 1500 rides I’ve only had one actual bad experience…plenty of rude ppl but you’re goknna find that in any customer service field

I have to clarify I’ve been doing this since August but I just found these websites on Facebook I live by the shore I thought I was doing fairly well with averaging 2 to 500 a week as a part-time side job but then I see other people’s posts on the page and it’s like oh that’s crap last night I made a proximately $30 an hour I thought that was fairly well but then I seen somebody else post that the time they were on wasn’t worth it it could just be a little discouraging and I was joined this site to pick up tips I think everybody for the tips it’s great to see positive feedback and people like him to do it I actually enjoy talking to the people that I meet and it’s gets me out of the house for a little

Don’t be discouraged, the replies have been pretty much spot on. This is a good second job. Some tips: take car maintenance very seriously, always change your oil and check your tires air pressure, this will affect gas mileage, make sure you keep receipts for tax time - this is how you will recoup some of the cost of operating your own vehicle (this includes gas, maintenance, car washes, anything to upkeep the car). Don’t be afraid to cancel a ride if the passengers aren’t outside after two minutes, this isn’t a limo service, drive during peak hours to maximize profit, don’t chase surges, stay out of bad areas - learn to know when to turn off your app - take snacks and beverages for long trips

My take is this regarding Uber. While making money in this opportunity is a great one…often times its not just about the money…its about meeting people from all around the world and having great conversations. Enjoy the opportunity to work when u want and be happy :slight_smile:

Being a car service driver or a taxi driver has always been a shitty job even part-time.
Now Uber and Lyft come along and people somehow think it’s great?
And great money is very subjective.
Especially since most people don’t take into consideration what it costs them to operate their vehicle and what their liability will be if there is an incident.
They say ignorance is bliss so this may not be the right group for you because there are a few too many experienced drivers.

I didn’t say you should quit cuz it’s not worth the money. If you learn how to work it you can earn enough money to make it worth doing. It’s not as easy as it used to be.
Problem for most new drivers is that they don’t understand what their true expenses actually are. Most people who do this work have never been in business and don’t really understand how business works. You are not an hourly employee but many drivers still think like an hourly employee.

I’m not telling you to quit doing this job but there are things that you do need to take into consideration.
You should consider that you are a woman alone in a confined space with a stranger or more than one strangers. It’s something to consider.

No matter what the income is including costs, a lot of people live paycheck to paycheck, even a small amount of secondary income could mean the difference between paying a bill or buying necessary supplies and going without. I made $450 bucks during the last storm and $1000 Thanksgiving week. Yes, it’s not.always like that but it’s the same for any business, there are highs and lows. Also, the cost of gas is getting cheaper by the day. I just saw $2.31 at a QuickCheck the other day and $2.29 at a 711…hasnt been that low in many months. You can also save tons of money learning how to do simple car maintenance yourse

Depends on how u “value” of the other reasons people may choose to drive. Just saying where Yan and Mitchell for instance is all about “catching” the monies in surge periods…others may do so with or without surge for different reasons. We all have our own expectations of what our results should be based on “why” we drive :slight_smile:

Honestly there is a lot of people who joined the group to give only negatives comments here. I’ve been driving Uber as a full time job for a year now. And I make no less than 700$ a week if I work 35 hrs. I think it is a great job for me as a student so far.

There is no rainbows or 2nd place trophies in the real world. Uber and lyft only work if u make it work for yourself. This isnt a true 2nd job or even a main job. You regularly get screwed by uber and lyft. Its simple , when i go from point a to b. Its on. If i get a ride fine .