Discouraged about ubering

I like it… i write my mileage down when i star, and when i finish, along with my time. Then when i get home i write it in a book. Figure out how many miles i did…How many mpg i get (most times ill go by what my car says)
How many gallons of gas did u use. Then minus from your earnings for the day. Im satisfied with what i get. I only do pm hours (4:30-9) i LIKE to drive (driving a bus is my day job) so to me its worth it… sure, wear and tear? Im not worried about it. You can get a car for a few thousand and make the money back in a few months.

I drive Uber and Lyft. I make money. Took sometime but I’ve found hot spots and good hours. I pay myself everyday I put away 20 percent for taxes fill my tank and what ever is left I put half in acct for repairs and what’s left goes to bills. I try to put a bill on dresser or if small bill then 2. I won’t come home till I have them covered minus all my expenses. I pay bill my husband pays mortgage. Now I do not have alot left for savings. I’m not getting rich by far.

Driving alittle over a year part time for both i cant complain, I have had wonderful pax … well there were a few loose screws out there … but pax have been nice , nothing stolen or broke in my new car … other then wheel alignment hitting darn potholes in newark lol

This weekend was my 3rd highest amount earned since I started a year ago… Im glad I didn’t pay attention to the people in the group. And I only drove 3 days