Did An Uber Driver Deny Blind Passengers?

On Tuesday 7th November Police was investigating a blind couple's complaint that they were denied access to a ride with an Uber car, and in fact that one of them was dragged halfway down a street.

Milisa Garside, requested an Uber car to collect her as part of an MBTA's paratransit program pilot. When the car arrived at the pickup point, the driver noticed the service dog and denied her access to his vehicle. He then started to drive off while Milissa's boyfriend Richard Welch's hand was caught in the window of the car and he was dragged for nearly fifteen feet before the driver stopped. Richard was treated for road gash and also received five stitches.

Uber's drivers are prohibited by federal regulations from denying access to service dogs. Milisa stated that this was not the first time that she was denied a ride by a rideshare company. Uber's statement was that they removed the driver and pointed out that they emphatically promote the access to all disabled persons.

Jesus. People please listen. I’m so sick of the ‘you must transport service animals’ pop up/threat spam when you sign into Uber. It’s not that hard. Get a seat cover, or a tarp for that matter. Stop wrecking this for the rest of us.

I swear some drivers are so paranoid about some customers. They press on the gas pedal once they see someone not looking normal. Maybe they should consider doing something else besides driving because if you’re in driving, you need plenty of patience, as you have to deal with a diverse group of clientele.

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