Did an experiment

Longer and controlled what I could. Had candy and water one week and compared it to the weeks before. Similar hours and times worked.

NO ONE who took candy or water tipped. Many left a mess (wrappers snd bits of mints on the seats) even though I have a trash container hanging on tne back of the pax front seat. Ididn’t do chocolate. Chocolate is a b**** to clean up.

Tips were about the same. Almost nonexistent. I actually made less than many other previous weeks.

My ratings stayed the same also.

Damn…Sounds like I will be sticking to tootsie pops then, don’t know if I want to deal with idiots getting chocolate all over…

You are vessel for diabetes. You encourage pax to consume sugar that will lead them to be over weight, unhealthy, which will lead to diabetes. While you at it, paint the interior of your vehicle with lead based paint. why stop there, offer pax candy filled with mercury. Better yet, i can supply you with uranium 233-235 isotope. You can use that as an air freshener.

Don’t give out anything. I have never tipped the guys who would give me water or offer me gum. I just thought they were being nice to get a 5* rate, now I know it’s a ploy to get tips. Now I just decline whatever they offer.

I recommend NOT giving out candy or any other food or drink. It costs money, generates trash and stains in your car, and does nothing for you. You won’t get a better rating for giving out candy, and you won’t make more money.

My job is to provide rides, not a free food and drink service. If a rider wants food or drink, I am happy to drop them off where they can buy something, or take them through a drive through as long as the line is not excessively long.

How about your “ploy” to get somewhere as cheaply as possible without stretching your short arms into your deep pockets in appreciation of the guy who got you there safely.

Against my own advice I now keep bags of cheap ass mints and other bullshit in my seat back pocket. I always hear the crumbly wrappers but not many tip because of it.

I keep the mints and shit there so no one can say I was the cheap one. (by not having anything) I get the deals at walgrens, like $2 or less for big ass bag of mints or hard candy. Honestly though, only about 1 out of 10 riders even take any. I’ve eaten more than the riders have.

Yes I do tip them. Their wage is like $4/hr before tip. I get a kick out how some of yall assume that I have all this money to throw around at waiters and bartenders. I rarely go out. I go to school full time and work as well to pay for tuition and rent.

Also you guys that stress over tips on UberX need to get over it. Yea, you can and do get tips sometimes but most people don’t carry cash and the majority of people taking uber have been told by uber countless times that a tip isn’t required. So the more you provide the more they will expect.

You think we’re really making anything? After accounting for expenses, those waiters and bartenders are usually clearing more than us. You should probably just save your money and ride the bus, or walk, since you don’t have enough money to properly thank a driver for delivering you safely and efficiently to your destination.

Sorry, folks, but this is spot on. Why would you expect tips ( or punish pax that don’t tip with a low rating ) when they have explicitly been told by Uber that tips are not required? The cashless system is one of the main selling point for the service. Many of my pax are shocked when they discover that a gratuity is not built into the fare structure.

Seems like you were running a mini candy store while riding taxi lol. Appreciate your experiment though. Are there any other technics to get a 5* rate that wouldn’t empty my pockets?